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The faculty out there is good and up to the mark. A very friendly atmostphere and also a very helpful batch of professors always prove to be one advantage always in the hands of the students.

The Best College

May Silver turn to Gold….

I remember the time when I was trying to make a decision about which college that I would like to enroll myself; and the choice was between St. Xavier’s and St. Andrews. Due to proximity to my residence I chose the latter. Today as I look back I believe that was a great decision.

St. Andrew’s, though in many ways for me was an extension of school, gave the individual the space and the opportunity to develop as a complete person to take on the challenges that the future had to offer.

Though there was a great emphasis on academics, there was an equal amount of emphasis on extracurricular activities, be it in the sports arena or the arts/culture. I think this enabled us to not only develop and hone our skills, but also provided us with ability to develop a healthy competitive spirit, which is so essential in today work culture. For me, I think the greatest plus point was the fact that 99% of the student population was Catholic coming from similar backgrounds and the feeling of being at ease and being able to connect with everyone in connect with every one in college was of immense comfort. I
was also impressed with fact we had a chapel in the premises and that a state-of-art Auditorium was being constructed.

I believe that an organization or an institution is only as good as the people who make it or work for it. I consider myself as extremely fortunate to have had professors who were not only brilliant in their knowledge of the subject and were great teachers, but were good human beings with a genuine concern
for their students. Therefore, for me to remember even after so many years of graduating, my professors.. Prof. Krishnaswami, Prof. Venkatkrishnan, Prof. Thakker, Prof. Braganza, Prof. Tavares, Prof. Gonsalves clearly shows that in Prof. Lilla D’Souza, St. Andrew’s found an able guide and principal. Of course, I can never forget the ever youthful administrator Mr. Johnnie Alves.The years that I spent in college are always fondly remembered by me and though I do not pass by the college very often, the day I do, I inadvertently get nostalgic. I owe a great deal of what I am today to St. Andrew’s and its staff. I can never forget St. Andrew’s because of an additional fact that is introduced me to my wonderful wife Reshma. What more could I ever have asked for.

I pray that Silver turns to Gold and may what I have learnt and experienced be felt by all those who pass through the portals of this esteemed institution.

Hitesh D’Souza
Class of 1994 (B.Com.)
(Currently N.R.I Head-Upper Middle Est, HSBC)

A Pivotal Point in My Life

My undergraduate years at St. Andrew’s College were the most significant years in my life. I made some of the most long-lasting friendships and interacted with some of the most wonderful professors. During my four years at St. Andrew’s , I collected some of my most treasured memories. Apart from the knowledge I gained, St. Andrew’s instilled in me a sense of self-confidence which has enabled me to move to a new “country” and establish my life there.

At the end of my fourth year at St. Andrew’s, I was given a tremendous opportunity to study in the United States. I moved to the U.S in August 1996 and completed my B.Sc. Degree in Business and Marketing and then pursued an M.B.A from Salisbury University, U.S.A

I currently, reside in Hebron, Maryland (on the east cost) with my husband James and my three years old son sam. I currently work as the Executive Director of a local non-profit organization that helps small business entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of owning their own small business. I secure funding this non-profit venture and feel good at the end of the day when I see a struggling business owner succeed through the help they received from my organization.

I truly believe my years at St. Andrew’s given me a great foundation, and helped prepare me for my future and moulded me to become the person I am today. Many thanks to all my teachers and friends for all your love and support.

Hayley Macmil-Gallagher
(Executive Director- Maryland Capital Enterprises Inc.)

The word ‘college ’ for many of us is a reminder of the fun-filled carefree days without the burden of responsibilities and obligations blissfully unaware of what life had in store for us after graduation.Looking back; for me, St. Andrew’s College, was an institution that let me grow as an individual and helped me to adjust to a new environment that I as a migrant to the city and a “townie”, was thrown into. I was accepted the way I was and never did I feel the so called “peer pressure”

So thank you St. Andrew’s for this valuable start in life. But most of all, thank you for introducing me to three wonderful friends (one of whom is my best friend and spouse) who have been a constant support system for me over the years for that I am eternally grateful.

Anirudh Goyal Class of 1997 (B.Com.)

My Alma Mater

In my five years in college, I came across extremely talented and warm hearted professors who steered us in the right paths of our life and helped us develop all – round personalities. I remember the encouragement and knowledge I received from all my professors specially Prof. Carmaine Braganza, Prof. Desiree Gonsalves, Prof. Kashmira Mody and Prof. Sharmila Dhote. I will always remain indebted to them for all the efforts they have taken in ensuring that we step out in the world equipped with the best knowledge and interpersonal skills.

When I graduated from college I took with me an expanse of wealth in the form of knowledge, wisdom and human integrity and values. Today I look back on all those years I value every lesson and lecture I attended in the college which enriched my life.I remain grateful to all my professors and to my college, and no matter where I may be, St. Andrew’s will always remain etched in my memory and will linger for years to come…!

I congratulate the Principal, Faculty and, Staff and everyone including our past and present students who have ensured that St. Andrew’s is indeed one of the best college in Mumbai which constantly strives to impart the best education and knowledge to its students

Adrea Moraes Gomes
Class of 1999 (B.Com.)


Congratulations to St. Andrew’s College on completing 25 years…

St. Andrew’s College has been my second home… where everybody knows your name and is always glad to see you. I have spent five awesome years with the largest family ever. I graduated in 2006 with a degree in Mass Media (B.M.M), and I am now pursuing animation film design from the National Institute of Design Ahmadabad.A friend once said to me, “Don’t ask what your college has done for you, but what have you done for your college.” I believe that life in college is what you make of it. I hope every Andrean makes use of all the opportunities he/she gets in college so that when they graduate they will have as many happy memories of college life in St. Andrew’s as I have

Delwyn Remedios
Class of 2006 (B.M.M)
(Currently at N.I.D. Ahmedabad)

Into the Light

They say life often imitates art. In my case, these immortal lines from Robert Frost are the some of my journey which led me to and enough St. Andrew’s College. Honestly, left to my own devices, St. Andrew’s was not part of my agenda. However, fate as always felt differently…
So there I was, on a wet cloudy morning waiting into this shaded little oasis; hoping to drift into a familiar face amidst a sea of strangers. But, what I thought would take an eternity manifested itself in a matter of days.
I felt the comfort of unassuming friendliness move in my general direction like a cool breeze on a warm day. And before I knew it, I was an Andrean.

Despite being a self-professed non-conformist, I found the dams of my resistance crumble without effort in the face of an encouraging and tolerant faculty and staff. This gave me a rock to stand on and grow.But, never in my three years did the rock turn into a pedestal and for this, I am eternally grateful.
Today I implore each one of you to look for your own pillar to lean against. And believe me you will find many. Each member of the faculty is brimming with enthusiasm, encouragement and fortitude. All you have to do is ask.
And while experience may teach you many things, your education at St. Andrew’s will lead you one of

life’s most important lessons.
Each one of you,
In whatever you may do,
Can enlighten the darkness
In the world around you.

Shireen Irani Class of 2005-2006
(B.A with English and Psychology)
(currently Musician – Teacher and performing Artist)

After the summer of 1989…

Following the summer of 1989, I entered the most notable period of my education and on reflection the most significant years of my life.I moved to St. Andrew’s College from Mithibai College to pursue S.Y.B Com. Studies, but left with more than just my B.Com. Degree in 1991. My fondest memories include, Prof. Smita Tyagi’s’s taken on industrial Psychology, Prof. Krishna swami’s Accounts lectures, Prof. Braganza’s Business Planning sessions, which I find handy to this day and may more. Not that I.O.M was my favourite subject, but I am sure Prof. Gonsalves will still recollect that I never missed a single lecture.
After graduation I moved to Dubai and bought my own company ten years later. Sixteen years have passed and with the support of some old friends, some good luck and many right moves, that one company has multiplied itself into nine independent companies spread across the U.A.E and India. When about what St. Andrew’s means to me, I realized that it would be difficult and unfair to summarize it in a phrase of two. I have made a conscious effort to maintain the relationships I developed during my stint at St. Andrew’s but then so has everyone else I associated with I guess this is an affect St. Andrew’s College has on you.

I am still in touch with Prof. Krishna Swami for his financial expertise for concept Group’s India wing …. And Troy, Pierre, Vincy, Warren, Pervez, Deepak , Gilroy, Paul, Hazel, Rodney and of course Giselle who has become a part of my everyday life ever since… I communicate with Pierre, Vincy and Hazel on a daily basis as we work together and I meet Troy Costa every time I visit Mumbai (Which is every fortnight) and of course at every Dubai Fashion Week (A Concept Group Event).From the mutton burgers and chicken rolls at Andora’s to the Student Council elections when Pervez got elected as the General Secretary (with a little help from his friends!) St. Andrew’s has given me more than just my academic credentials. It has given me relationships that have lasted me a lifetime and counting. St. Andrew’s may have not been the primary preference amongst prospective students back in
those days, but even given choice today, I wouldn’t to do it any differently.

So to all the students at St. Andrew’s today; my message is revere every moment that you spend at the college. you have entered a lasting relationship, that won’t let go… if you don’t

Aldrin Fernandes
Chairman and Group CEO,
The Concept Group of Companies, U.A.E