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Certified Courses

Certified Courses

Certified Courses

Certified Courses

Objectives of Certified Courses: –


  • To gain / learn Technical Knowledge / Skill which can be used to propel career.

  • To be industry ready and thus maximise Return on Investment by doing a proactive Course.

  • Help students to get Part time Job which promotes and encourages Learning with Earning.

  • Gives high weightage and value addition to Resume, which helps students at the time of Placements and Getting Jobs.

  • Helps attaining practical industry knowledge in addition to the college framework and Subject Learning.

  • Additional skill helps to perform better at job and thus are a catalyst in faster growth.

  • Helps in building network with an industry professional as well as like minded students, thus aid in improving network.


Certified Courses 2022-23

Certified Courses 2021-22

Certified Courses  2020-21

Certified Course 2019-20

Certified Course 2018-19

Prof. In charge for the A.Y. 2023-24:
Mr. Ritesh Sheth, Ms. Elizabeth Dias & Mr. Archie Fernandes.

St. Andrew’s College

Certified Courses 2023 – 2024


  1. The admission to below mentioned courses is based on a first-come, first serve basis.
  2. Do note that some courses might be offline. So check the course pdf to know whether the course will be conducted Online or Offline.
  3. Kindly check the course schedule before enrolling for more than 1 course to avoid a clash of the courses.
  4. Make your fee payment as soon as possible through the college website only.
  5. Please ensure that the course for which you enroll, are duly paid for the respective course (Check the course name twice before you make payment).

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