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St. Andrew’s College – Alumni

St. Andrew’s College Alumni Association (SACA) is a registered body which has been actively involved in serving institution by way of conducting activities for the current students and also attempts to strengthen the bonding and interaction within the Alumni member

Certificate Of Registration

Composition of Alumni 


The Alumni Association contributes significantly to the development of the institution through financial and non-financial means during the last five years. The college has its alumni association called SACA. The Alumnus supports the institution &contributes to the institutional academia and student development. The alumni have been working in their capacities in the interest of the college and have played a crucial role in contributing to the college by being a role model and inspiration to the current students. They have also provided expertise in developing the occupation of students of college by delivering guest lectures, advisors in committees, industry experts and co-operative partners in projects. They have successfully transferred knowledge to students and improved the capacity and reputation of the college nationally and internationally.
The alumni association contributed potentially to a stronger network and gave students and opportunity to access professional development. Voluntary alumni have been the ambassadors of the college who actively involved in student recruitment efforts that are made by faculty of the institution. They basically encourage students, especially their family and friends to consider this college as a provider of higher education.