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Welcome to St. Andrew’s College.

 We have been accredited with an ‘A’ Grade by NAAC for two consecutive cycles. We constantly seek ways of raising the bar and improving the Quality of all that we undertake.

 Our goal is to develop the intellect and inspire our students to act righteously. Like Socrates we believe that the love of wisdom is itself a sacred path, a holy quest – not a game to be taken lightly. Pope John Paul II endorsed this view in his Ex Corde Ecclesiae when he said, reverence for God, encoded in the mission of a Catholic college, makes it a special community of professors and students, universitas magisterium et scholarium , and they are united by the same love of wisdom. Our faculty is well qualified, dedicated and sensitive to the needs of our students.

We offer a rich programme of courses that encourages students to appreciate the beauty of nature and God’s creation, to note the Historical and Social realities, to understand the Psychology of human behaviour, or for those with other interests to study Economics, Financial Accounting, Management, Mass Media, International Finance and Marketing. We equip you to realise your potential for Electronics and Web Technology and we also cater to your appetite for Food Production, Beverage Service and Hospitality.

We have earned International distinction with the UNESCO Chair for Inter-Religious and Inter-Cultural Dialogue. Through this chair we have been able to teach our students to respect and understand people of different faiths. This is done through a separate diploma course endorsed by the University and through our International and National Conferences which we organize every year. More recently we have come to focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals – particularly issues surrounding water.

We were privileged to have Mother Teresa lay the foundation stone of our college and the care for the poor and the marginalised has been our concern.

Research is another area on which we lay special emphasis. Our staff are well qualified and present and publish papers in conferences and seminars. Every year we organise at least 3 major Conferences – International or National. Besides this we have our annual staff seminar and a seminar for students.

Our students also take part in Avishkar – a University competition, where all the 800 affiliated colleges are invited to participate.

We have 3 in-house publications. The Andrean Research Journal which has an EISSN number, Ruminations published by the English Department with an ISSN number and Ethics and Society, An International Journal: Religions and Cultures for Peace and Harmony by the UNESCO / Cardinal Poupard Chair for Inter-Religious and Inter-Cultural Dialogue.

Besides the myriad academic courses, we have a full calendar of events, to realise our vision to provide our students with a holistic education.

Our college boasts of a wonderful state-of -the -art auditorium and our cultural and other events are held here. It provides a great opportunity for our students to display their talent and grow in confidence and self-esteem as they perform to a large audience of over 800 people. The students learn many skills along the way as they plan an event, scout for funds, manage budgets, get participants from various colleges to enrol and supervise the technical sound and light arrangements. Many students are catapulted into careers in Music and the other arts through this rich exposure.

We are blessed with grounds for sports. We have a turf ground for hockey and football and a court for basketball and volleyball. Needless to say our students do well and bring laurels to the college. We also have facilities for indoor games and a well equipped gymkhana.

Our students are our pride and joy and they are a part of almost every committee and cell and play a major role in organizing programmes and conferences and assisting us in every possible way.

Our Alumni has been recently registered and we are grateful for all they do for us. They have helped by providing handsome scholarships to our brilliant students. They are often invited to talk to our students to let them know what career options are available for them and what they need to do to reach the goal they have in mind.

We have to acknowledge the role of our Management in making all this possible. We thank our Cardinal Oswald Gracias who is the Chairperson, the Managing Trustee, the Rector and the Board of Trustees for all the support and guidance they provide us.

Through our integrated programme of head, heart and hand we hope to reform, create and develop systems that prepare our students to work in a borderless economy and live in a global society. I invite you to visit our campus or our website and discover what makes St. Andrew’s College special.


                                                                                                                                                                                   Dr. Marie Fernandes