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Conduct during Exams

  1. Candidates should carry their identity cards.
  2. Candidates should bring their own writing materials and calculators.
  3. Materials such as books, bags, papers (handwritten/printed) should not be brought into the examination hall.
  4. Mobile phones should not be brought into the examination hall.
  5. Candidates should be in their seats in the examination hall at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
  6. Candidates should not talk to each other, ask for or give assistance to fellow candidates.
  7. Candidates should not write anything on the question paper or on any other material except on the answer book.
  8. No candidate should leave his or her seat under any pretext during the examination.

N.B.Any attempt to indulge in examination mal-practice/s will be dealt with as per University rules and regulations.

Degree College Examination

In order to keep terms a student must fulfill the conditions laid down in the University ordinances 0.119 and 0.125
0.119: Attendance:
The following shall be the minimum attendance necessary for keeping terms.
Three-fourths of the number of days on which lectures are delivered during the First Term and the Second Term, SEPARATELY.
0.125 :
To keep a term, an undergraduate must complete, to the satisfaction of tbe Principal, the course of study prescribed for that term, for the class to which s / he belongs.
Students who fail to justify the conditions laid down in ordinances 0.119 and 0.125 will not be permitted to appear for the College /University Examination.

  1. Students are expected to acquaint themselves with their academic performance and attendance from the notices on the notice board as no individual intimation will be sent. Students who have not been granted terms will be notified at least 10 days before the commencement of the respective College I University examinations. The final list of students, whose applications to the University examination are being withdrawn, will be sent to the University immediately thereafter.
  2. No student is allowed to remain absent for the mid-term tests or the terminal examinations or from any other test conducted as per university rules.
  3. Absence from any college test I examination must be justified in writing, and, in the case of illness, by a medical certificate. These letters and medical certificates, accompanied by a covering letter from the parent or guardian of the student, must be submitted to the College Office, by the last day of the examination.
  4. Although illness or other serious circumstances may be considered valid reasons for absence from lectures,’ tests, tutorials, examinations etc. these circumstances cannot condone a student for poor performance or absence from examinations, as there remains no evidence of satisfactory performance in examinations and satisfactory knowledge of the courses taught. Failure to write the required nu~ber of essays, unjustified absence from tests, tutorials, practicals and exams, seriously prejudice a student’s academic record. Accordingly, students with poor records or no records at all of academic performance will not be granted terms.

F. Y. & S. Y. B. A. / B.Com. (First and Second Term Examinations); B. M. S. / B. M. M. / B.Sc. (I.T.) / B.Com. (Acctg. & Fin.) I, II, III & IV Semester examination B.Sc. (H.S.) First and Second year will be conducted bu the college on behalf of the University of Mumbai as per rules and regulations of the University.
A student found to have used unfair means at the examination will be dealt with as per the provisions laid under, “The University of Mumbai Ordinance No. 220”


As per the University of Mumbai Circular No.Exam/VCD/College(Rev/Ver)/1603 of 2005, students who wish to have their answer books revalued are advised to follow the instructions given below:

  1. The candidate should apply personally for the photocopy/ies of assessed answer books in the prescribed form available at the college office on production of proper identification [Hall Ticket for ex-students / Identity card for Regular students].
  2. The candidates shall apply for photocopy/ies of assessed answer book/s only in theory papers [not for practical examination or internal assessment] within a period of seven days from the date of declaration of the result along with the following:
    • Question paper/s of the subject/s in which a photocopy/ies is/are required
    • Photocopy of the statement of marks (Term-End / A.T.K.T.)
    • Fees for providing photocopy/ies
    • Caste certificate [for S.T., S.C., D.T./N.T.] if concession is sought.
  3. The non-refundable fees for providing photocopy of the answer book per paper will be Rs.100/- (for Open Category) and Rs.50/- (for Reserved Category – S.T., S.C., D.T./N.T.) payable in cash only. The candidate, belonging to the reserved category, who wishes to avail the concession in fee, must attach a copy of valid caste certificate.
  4. The application form must be complete and should be completely filled and signed by the examinee candidate personally. An incomplete application form will be rejected.
  5. A candidate who has passed / failed in the examination may apply for any number of subjects for photocopies of the assessed answer book/s.
  6. The verification of the assessed answer book/s will be done before giving the photocopy/ies of the answer book/s to the candidate. If the results / marks are changed due to verification such a change shall be incorporated in the student’s marksheet.
  7. The marks awarded by the examiner/s in the respective paper shall be final.
  8. On receipt of photocopy/ies, the applicant examinee shall be the sole custodian of it/them and under no circumstances they shall be transferred to any third person or for any other purposes.
  9. The photocopy/ies so obtained by the candidate shall be for his / her exclusive and relevant use. If the applicant so desires, he / she can use it only for the purpose of getting the redressal of the grievance/s through the redressal mechanism provided by the college as per the rules.
  10. Any deviation from this procedure by the applicant shall be construed as an unfair act on the part of the examinee and shall make him / her liable for appropriate punishment by the college as per University rules.


  1. On receipt of photocopy/ies of desired answer book/s, if the examinee is not satisfied with the marks awarded to him /her by the original examiner, he / she may apply for redressal of grievances in the prescribed form, challenging the valuation done.
  2. The prescribed application form for revaluation shall have to be filled and signed by the applicant examinee himself / herself and shall be submitted to the person in the office who has been especially assigned this work.
  3. The examinee shall have to mention clearly in the application form, the reason/s of his / her grievance/s and specify clearly, the question wise his / her points of objection to the valuation done, with proper justification. Incomplete application form/s in any respect shall be rejected without assigning any reason; and the fees paid along with the application form shall not be refunded.
  4. The candidate should fill up a separate application form for Redressal of Grievances accompanied with the non-refundable fee of Rs.250/- only per paper (for Open Category) and Rs.125/- (for Reserved Category – S.T., S.C., D.T./N.T.) payable in cash only, along with the Xerox copy of the marksheet and copy of the question paper.
  5. The applications for the redressal of grievances received after the last date shall not be accepted under any circumstance.
  6. The change of marks, if any, shall be communicated to the applicant/s and revised statements of marks shall be given to him / her only on surrendering of his / her original statement of marks.
  7. The whole process of redressal of grievances shall be completed as per University rules.
  8. Photocopies of reassessed answer books by the subsequent examiner/s shall in no case be supplied to the examinee.
  9. The results of the revaluation of answer book/s shall be binding on the candidate and he / she shall accept the revised marks assigned to his / her paper/s.