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Faculty in the Psychology Department.

Psychology Department

Faculty in the Psychology Department

Name Qualifications Designation
Prof. Shubda Malhotra M.A., M.Phil. (Industrial & Organizational Psychology) Associate Professor (H.O.D.)
Prof. Sharmila Dhote M.A. (Clinical Psychology), SET Associate Professor
Prof. Samson Carvalho M.A. NET Assistant Professor



Activities of the Andrean Psychology Team 2018-19

To enhance learning and interest in the field of psychology the Andrean Psychology Team (APT) conducted various activities.

Guest Lectures and Workshops:

  • An international speaker; Dr. David Banks, Senior Professor at University of La Verne California, USA, presented an informative lecture titled “Who Moved Your Cheese? – Conflict management & adapting to Change” on 30 July 2018. This session sensitized our students to handle difficult life situations.
  • Ninad Patwardhan, Assistant Professor at Liberal Arts College, NMIMS, conducted a session on “Reliability Estimates” for TYBA Psychology students.
  • Staff members accompanied the students to a workshop on “Suicide Prevention” at National College.
  • An international artist, a professional clown Monica Santos engaged our students with a session on “Clown Therapy” which was much enjoyed by them.
  • Experts & performers from ‘The Movement’ an NGO, were invited to conduct an interactive session with students to give them an insight into their Happiness Quotient.

Student Research Paper Presentation:

  • Four teams of SYBA students represented the college at the Annual Psychology Convention “Trishool conducted by S.P.N.Doshi Women’s College, Ghatkopar on the theme “Diversity, Inclusion & Psychology.”
  • Students presented on following topics:
    • Representation of LGBT in Cinema
    • Mental & Physical Effects of Body Shaming
    • Impact of Family Expectations on Mental Health of Indian Working Women

Film Screening:

  • The association also screened some award-winning films like ‘Shutter Island’ and ‘Beautiful Mind’ to develop insights into the causes and consequences of psychological disorders like schizophrenia.

Field Visit:

  • An educational visit to the “Jai Vakeel Foundation”, to sensitize the students to the needs of special children.

Test Administration:Miscellaneous

  • The most popular and awaited activity of the association is Test administration & analysis. Some of the popular tests that were administered are as follows:
  1. Levels of – EQ scale,
  2. Childhood trauma test,
  3. Eating disorder test,
  4. Evaluation apprehension test
  5. Interpersonal relationships how they could deal with issues effectively after having a better understanding of self.

Andrean Counselling Unit 2018-19

  • St Andrew’s College Counseling Unit has been reaching out to students in need of any help, be it academics, developmental or social; which means, providing assistance in area of need by “enriching life and making a difference” and in order to assist them to achieve personal growth & development
  • In this academic year two counselors visited the campus and offered their services to about 12 students and had approximately 30 follow-up sessions.
  • The various issues experienced by students and adolescents that were handled ranged from personal & academic in nature

The general focus is to enhance their capability and proactively and independently utilize their potential to the fullest, now and in the future.

Research paper presented by syba students at trishul on 28 feb.2019 at intercollegiate paper presentation competition


Interaction session titled “who moved your cheese? – conflict management & adapting to change” on 30 July 2018 by Dr.Banks, Senior Professor at University of La Verne California, USA.


Visit to NGO Jai Vakeel foundation on 24 Jan. 2019


Session on “Clown Therapy” by Spanish professional clown Monica Santos on 12 September 2018


Session titled “The Hangout” on 14th December 2018 to enhance the happiness quotient among students by an NGO, The Movement

Activities of the Andrean Psychology Team 2017-2018

Guest Lectures:

  • Involvement of youth in governance is a vital factor that facilitates the growth and progress of any nation. This year APT adopted a multidisciplinary approach & invited speaker from Praja Foundation to address students on the topic of “Youth in Governance”. They informed students about the functioning of NGO and highlighted the role of the youth in such endeavors, thereby encouraging students to come forward and be involved in governance.
  • To provide a holistic perspective on challenges faced by people with special needs Andrean Psychology Team organized an educational visit to ADAPT, an institute working with differently abled individuals. It was felt that it had a greater impact on students as they watched and interacted with the special children.
  • Awareness about one’s rights prepares our students for future challenges, keeping this in mind , an interactive session by Advocate Archana Gupta Legal Advisor Capgemini was organized on “Gender rights & sexual harassment”.
  • A talk on “Building Life skills” was presented by Mr. Milind founder of VOWFORCHANGE, organization working towards transforming lives of youth by building their life skills.


Student Research Paper Presentation:

  • To inculcate interest in research activities, students were encouraged to present research papers. Ashmi Sheth of FYBA presented a paper on “Efficacy of Mandala Creation on Reducing Anxiety & Enhancing Mood” in 25th BPA conference on Jan.12, 2018. Five students presented research papers on Psychology topics in Avishkar Research conducted by Mumbai university


Quiz Competition

  • Finding out how much students really know about their subject cannot be done alone through the process of written exams only. To make this more interesting and fun, a Quiz Competition was organized.


Psychology based games

  • Let’s play a game was the next event, it involved students to participate in a competition on psychology-based games like; attention span, short –term memory &strategic mind games.


Treasure Hunt

  • A treasure hunt using psychology-based cues was also organized.


Student Presentations

  • Students enthralled the audience by making presentations on – Unfriend Procrastination, Deaf psychology, Mysteries of Dreams & Current perspectives on psychology.


Debate Competition:

  • Students to be spontaneous thinkers has always been our core goal. We instilled in students this skill by conducting a Debate Competition on “Indian education system is capable of handling mental health crisis in students? It was indeed insightful to have student’s perspective about this topic and watch them counter argue to make their point.


Psychological Testing:

  • Students are ever curious and interested in understanding themselves better. We helped them through this process by conducted some insightful psychological tests – which helped them get a deeper understanding about themselves and areas to build on, some of the tests conducted were as follows: Big Five personality test, Emotional intelligence test, Childhood trauma Questionnaire, Hamilton’s Anxiety scale & House –Tree test


Film Screening

  • Students learn best through movies. To make important concepts clear the students we had Screening of Educational Films – Shutter Island, Beautiful Mind


Andrean Counseling Unit 2017-2018

  • Andrew’s College Counseling Unit has been trying to reach out to students by providing assistance in social, academic & behavioral areas. The counseling unit began the academic year by organizing orientation sessions for degree as well as the junior College,
  • The unit has offered its services to about 40 individual students who availed of the counseling services and with more than 200+ follow up sessions collectively.
  • The various issues experienced by students and adolescents were discord in parent-child relationship, academic issues, Anxiety proneness, body image issues, gender identity issues, relationship issues, aggressive and impulsive behavior, substance abuse, and so on. It was observed that majority of counseling cases were of Parent-child discord, Anxiety proneness & Anger Management. As a follow –up, the unit plans to have intervention activities that will help students in these areas.
  • These issues were dealt using counseling techniques like client centered therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, anger management, reality therapy, some projective test administration, gestalt’s empty chair technique, role play technique, mindfulness thinking, challenging thoughts- through methods of thought restructuring and thought reframing, positive thinking, solution focused brief therapy and relaxation techniques.
  • Counseling unit assisted in Test administration activity organized by the Andrean Psychology Team. A total number of 80 students participated in it from different streams. The tests administered were – The Big 5 Personality Inventory, Fear of appearing Incompetent, Emotional Quotient, Acron’s Eating Disorder Questionnaire, Childhood Trauma Questionnaire, Hamilton’s Anxiety Scale and the House Tree Person test. The analysis was done & reports were handed over to students.


Psychology Quiz Competition



Guest Lecture on Youth and Governance



Ashmi Sheth (FYBA) presented a paper on “Efficacy of Mandala Creation on Reducing Anxiety & Enhancing Mood” in 25Th BPA Conference on January 12th, 2018


Administration of Psychological tests – EQ Scale, childhood trauma test, eating disorder test, evaluation apprehension test


Educational Visit to ADAPT India

Interaction Session on “Sexual Harassment” by Advocate A. Gupta, Legal Advisor Capgemini, India.


Activities of the Andrean Psychology Team 2016-17

Host of activities were conducted by the Andrean Psychology Team (APT) to promote learning and interest in the field of psychology.

Psychology Week:

  • This academic year several innovative contests & competitions were held as a part of The Psychology Week – A week long program which was open to students from all fraternities, giving them an opportunity to explore their talents and promote holistic development. The participation of students from all streams made this week long event even more fun and rigorous.

Psychology based games:

  • Students were introduced to a new activity “Let’s play a game” during Psychology week where they were engaged in many psychological mind games. Various brain teasers and games like testing short term memory and attention span were presented to students. Stroop’s test to assess executive functions such as attention and self-regulation capability was also to participants.

Debate Competition:

  • The topic of this year’s psychology debate was ‘Should Euthanasia be legalised in India?’ The students were prompted to think critically about the sensitive issue. The second- and third-year students competed with each other enthusiastically. Third year students won the competition and it was an insightful experience for the participants. 

Student Presentations:

  • Power point presentation conducted as a part of psychology week, kept the judges & student audience totally enthralled by the wide variety of topics that were covered by the students. Some of the prize-winning topics were Parapsychology, Criminal psychology, Job satisfaction, Gaming addiction and Psychological impact of bullying. Students employed several innovative presentation skills to make the presentations interesting.

Quiz Competition:

  • A Psychology Quiz was organized during Andrean Psychology Week. Quiz consisted of many rounds which were “Check your brain power”, “Spelling bee round”, “True/False round”, “General round” and “Rapid fire round”. Students participated with great enthusiasm and it was a great learning experience for them.

Psychological Testing:

  • The wide variety of Psychological tests were administered on students to assess them on; personality, stress, anxiety, fear, depression, vocation and interpersonal relationships; Test results gave students an insight into their own behaviour on each of the parameters and how they could deal with issues effectively after having a better understanding of self.

Student Research Paper Presentation:

  • In 2016-17 students presented several Research papers. Avishkar research competition was held on January19, 2017, conducted by University of Mumbai at SIES College, students presented on a wide range of Psychology related topics such as sleep paralysis, autopilot theory, representation of Psychological practices in Bollywood, self-awareness & self- consciousness, impact of Instagram on youth, eating disorder and misrepresentation of mental disorders in cinema.
  • Misrepresentation of Mental Disorders in Cinema: In Intercollegiate Avishkar Research Competition, Fatima Patel won the first prize for her presentation on “Misrepresentation of Mental Disorders in Cinema”.
  • Prostitution: Violence with No Name: Two students participated in Intercollegiate Trishool Competition: A Psychology Research Convention where the theme was ‘Shades of Violence… & Beyond’. It was held at S. P. N. Doshi Women’s College, Ghatkopar on January 25, 2017.The topic of student’s presentation was “Prostitution: Violence with No Name”.

Film Screening:

  • The association screened some educational films like ‘Shutter Island’, ‘Beautiful Mind’ and ’Outsourced” which helped the students to develop insights into the causes and consequences of psychological disorders like schizophrenia and “Outsourced” enlightened them the impact of cultural diversity.

Field Visit:

  • This year the educational visit was organized for the TYBA studentson January 6 2017, to The Regional Mental Hospital in Pune. Students got an opportunity to visit various wards of the hospital. They also got a chance to interact with the patients. Furthermore, students also were exposed to the procedure of Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) live at work on patients. It was an enriching experience for the students. 

Andrean Counselling Unit 2016-2017

  • Counseling Unit has been reaching out to students in need of any help, be it academics, developmental, emotional, behavioral, social or career related; to help students explore and reach their maximum potential leading to holistic development. This unit has offered its services to several students from the degree and junior college level. This has been in the form of new students walking in for guidance as well as students coming in for follow up sessions based on case requirements.
  • The various issues experienced by students and adolescents were – low self-esteem and confidence, academic issues, career related guidance, behavioral issues, body image issues, interpersonal relationship, depression, time management, substance abuse, and so on.
  • These issues were dealt using counseling techniques like anger management, reality therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, client-centered therapy, assertiveness training, organizational skills – Time management, positive thinking and relaxation techniques In some cases, standardized psychological test and questionnaires were to be used to gain a greater insight & establish a scientific validation before providing the necessary guidance.
  • The counseling unit has gone beyond regular counseling services and carried out several activities for overall development of the students. A workshop on “Developing Interview Skills.’ was conducted for the BBI students. This helped students to learn how to thrive in the job market and to be productive members of society. Teaching interviewing skills helped students’ communication (to express themselves verbally) and critical thinking abilities, setting them up for future success
  • A guest lecture by Dr. Rashna Sadri was organized on “Exploring careers in Special Education”, a cross-disciplinary field; is an integral part of our educational system. This talk gave students greater clarity of the field and exposed them to alternate career prospects.
  • Various Psychological tests were administered on students, the interpretation of these tests helped students become aware of themselves, their strengths and weakness, their patterns of response, etc. Some of the Standardized Psychological tests and scales administered to students were-
    • Emotional quotient
    • Levels of Hostility
    • Depression
    • Self Esteem
    • Type A Personality
  • A workshop was conducted by Ms. Sneha Pereira on “Test Anxiety, Time Management & Procrastination” for the students. It was an interactive session using a power point presentation, drawing analogies to the difficulties faced by students and applying techniques discussed to life situations. The students of FYBA & SYBA attended the same.
  • Eminent psychiatrist of Mumbai Harish Shetty writes a blog, which deals with issues concerning students, and reading these articles provides a psychological support to the students. Students are given regular updates and accessibility to the articles written.

Psychology Quiz Competition


Winners of Students Presentation competition

Student Presentations on Psychological Impact on Bullying Job Satisfaction, Gaming Addiction, Para psychology

First Prize winners with Judges


Administration of Psychological tests -EQ scale, worry scale, hostility scale, depression Inventory, Self-consciousness and self-awareness scale


Winner of Intra-collegiate Avishkar research competition Topic: Misrepresentation of Mental Illness in Cinema

Educational visit to Mental Hospital, Yervada, Pune

Best Speaker – Ms. Abhishree in debate competition


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