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 St. Andrew’s College – Capacity Building

St. Andrew’s College has always given utmost importance to the all-round development of students At St. Andrew’s college we focus on capacity building to bring about change in attitudes and behaviors and adapt to changes in the dynamic world imparting knowledge and developing skills. This is achieved through organizing a series of Value Education and life skills sessions. These sessions emphasize personal happiness and professional success, being an effective Communicator, developing leadership skills, development of lateral thinking. 

Value Education

Value Education (Degree College) 2020-21 

Value Education (Degree College) 2019-20 

Value Education (Degree College) 2018-19 

Value Education (Degree College) 2017-18

Value Education (Degree College) 2016-17

Value Education TY SFC 2020-21

Value Education TY SFC 2019-20



St. Andrew’s College – Bandra

St Dominic Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050


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