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Activities for the Academic Year 2021-22 B.Sc-IT

Activities for the Academic Year 2020-21 B.Sc-IT

Activities for the Academic Year 2019-20 B.Sc-IT

Activities of B.Sc.-I.T. department’s Association, The Andrean IT Club : 2019-20


11th  & 18th July 2019-

This year B.Sc.-I.T. has started its events with workshops on online courses other learning resources  available for I.T. students. These workshops were conducted by department faculty members on 11th july for Second Year students and on 18th july for third year students.

Guest lecture:

1st August 2019-

On 1st August 2019 , a guest lecture was organized on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”  by Gejo Srinivasan (IIT Madras , IIM Calcutta ) from Career Launch.

Fresh IT 2019:

14th August 2019-

Our Second year students have organized a welcoming event – Fresh IT –  for the newly joined first year students on 14th August 2019.

Coding Competition:

19th December 2019-

On 19th December 2019 , our Third Year students have organized a coding competition , completely design implemented by them, for the junior students i.e., second and first year classes.

Two-Day Inter-Departmental and Inter-Collegiate Workshop:

20th and 21st  January 2020-

This year , our highly significant event was a two-day inter-departmental and inter-collegiate workshop , organized in collaboration with the B.M.S. department in our college. It was conducted on 20th and 21st of January 2020. The resource person was Mr. Pranav Shastry , CEO , Programming fiesta. The workshop was conducted on “Blockchain Transmogrifying Management” which made the participants work on projects taken from real-time Blockchain applications.


Inter-Departmental and Inter-Collegiate Seminar:

3rd February 2020-

On 3rd February 2020 , an inter-departmental and inter-collegiate seminar on was conducted as a follow up for the previous workshop. Participants presented their projects which they developed using the learning experience from the workshop. The keynote speakers in this seminar were , Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh , Principal Consultant , PwC , Mumbai and Mr. Rahul Ranadive , Vice President and Business Head , BSE institute Limited. Prize money was awarded for the best 6 projects and each participant was certified by BSE Institute Limited.


National Level Webinars Cum Workshops

16th, 21st & 22nd May 2020-

The Andrean IT club , has organized a series of 3 National Level Webinars cum workshops in association with Programming Fiesta. On 16th May 2020 , we had the first session  on “Future Value Predictions using ML – Hands on” , on 21st May 2020 the second session on “Data Exploration Using Visualisation in Tableau “ and the third session was on 22nd May 2020 on the concept  “Robotic Task Automation Using UIPath”.

All these sessions were on Zoom platform having live practical sessions in which the participants had worked on the respective software and done their practicals.  Mr.Pranav Shastry  , founder of Programming fiesta , was the resource person for these webinars.

Activities of B.Sc.-I.T. department’s Association ,

The Andrean IT Club : 2018-19

The Andrean IT club – the student association of the B.Sc.-I.T. department has got a new logo. Designed by our T.Y.B.Sc-I.T. student Bosco Correa. He also initiated an exclusive blog for the IT club and encouraged students to contribute articles for the same.

Guest Talks :

1st of July 2018 – Alumni guest talk on “ Coding skills – careers abroad” by Mr. Nadeem Sheik (Australia ).

This was conducted for first year and second year studens of B.Sc.-I.T. where he gave information on I.T. careers in abroad.

Demonstration Lecture (inter-collegiate) :

10th of august 2018– An inter-collegiate demonstration lecture on “Block chain Technology – The 4th industrial revolution” by Prof. Pranav Shastry from K.E.S.Shroff College , Kandivili & Founder of “Programming Fiesta”.

The lecture focused on the evolution of blockchain technology its impact on economic and administration arena.

Quiz :

10th of august 2018- T.Y.B.Sc-I.T students conducted a quiz competition for other college students.

 1st of September 2018– S.Y.B.Sc-I.T & T.Y.B.Sc-I.T students organized an online test on generic IT concepts for F.Y.B.Sc-I.T students. This enhanced the senior students’ organizing skills and also developed a good rapport amount junior and senior students.


Industrial visit :

11th of September 2018– Industrial Visit by B.Sc-I.T students to Robotics plant of Alf Engineering , Nasik which belongs to one of our college IQAC members  Mr. Joseph D’souza.

Our students experienced a very knowledgeable and comfortable visit. Students were content with the trip and expressed their deep gratitude.

All full-time faculty accompanied students on this trip.

Poster competition :

2nd of March 2019– Prof. Rachel Shinde organized a poster competition on the concepts of “Green Computing” for all the three classes of B.Sc-I.T.

First year students Brian D’Souza and Nafia Sheikh won the first and second places respectively.

Project demonstrations :

(upcoming )On 9th of March 2019– The third year students have screened selective documentaries on trendy concepts of IT industry, from TED talks and other sources. Some of the third year students demonstrated the projects developed by them. This has helped the junior students to get comprehensive knowledge about software development.

Activities of B.Sc.-I.T. department’s Association ,

The Andrean IT Club : 2017-18

Here is a brief summary of the string of activities we conducted in this academic year : 

Guest lectures :

  • 31st July 2017-Guest Lectures were on ‘Simulation Cases & Group Projects’ by IBS
  • 13th September 2017 -‘Career Development’ by Endeavor
  • 11th December 2017– ‘Cloud Computing- Azure Technology’ by LeAD Infotech

Bridge Course :

6th and 7th of December 2017– A two-day bridge course for F.Y.B.Sc.-I.T students Our Resource person was Ms.Jenecia Menezes.

Knowledge of basic HTML is a strong support for the learners of Web Progamming.

Coding competition :

24th February 2018-Coding skills are the core part for the learners in I.T. courses. Peer-to-peer sharing of these skills do wonders in enhancing those skills. Our S.Y.B.Sc-I.T. students took lead in this arena and took a session for F.Y.B.Sc-I.T. students in which they provided guidance in debugging code. We continue our efforts in this arena through activities like “Find-it and Fix it” , a coding/debugging competition organized by our alumni Mr.Nathan Dpenha

Demonstration Lectures :

7th and 8th February 2018 – Practical demonstration on Database Connectivity with ASP.NET for TY.BSc.I.T students, which helps them in their Final Projects. This was organized by Ms.Jenecia Menezes as the resourse person.

24th February 2018 and 1st March 2018– R-Progamming session by our Alumni Mr.Nathan Dpenha.

Aptitude Test :

17th January 2018- During their final year, students attend various recruitment drives and to make them strong in that domain we organized a session this year by CL educate Ltd.

Mr.Prasan Kamat from the organization conducted a practice session of  aptitude tests and also gave the analysis of the results.

Activities of B.Sc.-I.T. department’s Association ,

The Andrean IT Club : 2016-17

As a part our holistic approach , our department conducted various activities in this academic year.

Essay Writing Competition :

In order to give our students a chance to explore and express about trendy happenings in their field we have conducted an essay writing competition for all the three classes.

The topics given are : “Open sourced Vs Licensed software” and “Green Computing”.

Guest Lectures :  

29th July 2016 – Guest Lecture by Mr.Abbas Stovewala from LeAD IT Centre on “Project Life cycle” for T.Y.B.Sc.-I.T.

4th August 2016 – “CV Writing” for S.Y.B.Sc.-I.T.

12th August 2016–  “Corporate Ethics and Etiquitte” for our T.Y.B.Sc.-I.T. students.

7th January 2017– “Data Science” by Ms.Jinal Shah from Finstat Analytics and 21st January 2017– ”Cloud Computing” by A.P.Raj from Rave Technologies India Pvt.Ltd. 

Workshops :

Workshop on “Drupal – web tools “in IIT,Powai attended by Six of our T.Y.B.Sc.-I.T.

30th September 2016 and on 1st October 2016–  T.Y.B.Sc.-I.T. students had a workshop of Software Testing Tools.

Industrial Visit :

30th August 2016– This year we got an offer from one of our IQAC members Mr.Joseph D’Souza to visit their automobile company. Our S.Y.B.Sc.-I.T. and T.Y.B.Sc.-I.T. students visited Alf Engineering Company at Nasik.

The company manufactures major parts that are used in different types of automobile. From the computerization in their office to the actual manufacturing in their plant , the robotics used in the plant are demonstrated to our students. It’s was a memorable and enriching experience for our students.

Prof. Neeraj Shukla and Prof. A.N.S.Sarvani accompanied students during this visit.

Blog :

This year our department started a blog – ANDREAN TECH TALK – for our students to express their literary skills,to raise discussions on various IT related  topics. Prof. Jenecia Menezes has taken initiative for this creative step and is In-charge of the blog.

 Our students Alisha D’souza and Nikita D’Mello from S.Y.B.Sc.-I.T. and Bosco Correa and Jason D’Mello from F.Y.B.Sc.-I.T. are compiling and moderating the blog under her guidance.

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