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Faulty in the Mathematics & Statistics Department


Mr. Prashant D. Tari

M.Sc.(Mathematics), N.E.T.,

PG Diploma in Actuarial Science

Assistant Professor
Dr. Priya Shahi M.Sc.(Mathematics), N.E.T, Ph.D Assistant Professor

History of the Department:

Mathematics Association which was formed in the year 1987 existed for one year and due to lack of membership it discontinued its existence.

This department was established along with the College in the year 1983. Mathematics and Statistics as one subject for 100 marks are taught in the First Year of B.Com course. This is a compulsory subject. This subject forms a basis for the students aspiring to become Chartered Accountants, MBAs, MMSs etc. Students get an exposure to different techniques such as Forecasting, Decision Analysis, Optimization, etc which will be found useful when they go for higher studies. They also study applications of mathematics in Economics and business. Computer Systems and Applications, an applied component subject in the Third Year of B.Com established in the year 1985 is fully aided. The college has seen 100% results since 1985 till today. The college has one of the best Computer laboratories in the city. It has around 65 modern computers, all with internet facility. It caters to different categories of students from B.Sc-IT, BMS, BAF, B.Sc. Hospitality and B.A., BMM classes.


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