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They say one never forgets their college days and no matter where life takes you, these memories will stay with you forever. The class of 94 is the living embodiment of this statement.  After 5 long years of unforgettable memories made from travelling together to college, meeting up, organizing events, standing for elections, canteen breaks and  informative lectures, (both attended and bunked), the students from the class of 94 ventured out into their own fields to see what the world had in store for them.

25 years later, life seemed to come full circle as they looked back at memories shared and bonds created , those many years ago. This was a Silver Reunion, of the year of graduating robes and parting ways, on 10th August 2019. From Dubai to Canada and New Zealand to Kuwait and  regardless of busy schedules, they made it once again to St. Andrew’s College. With blissful eyes, cheerful faces and warm hugs, it felt like they had never left. The years between, greying locks, elevated corporate designations and bank balances that was so different from their good ole days didn’t matter. Some of their teenage kids were even current Andreans! The meeting up with some of the professors who taught them those decades ago….Dr. Desiree Gonsalves, Dr. Charmaine Braganza, Dr.  Amelia Correa and Dr.Graciella Tavares made the entire experience perfect. 

The morning started with a special mass together in the college chapel and then, to a short photo session on the basketball court where they filled the campus with smiles, hugs and much reminiscing. 

The current principal, Dr. Marie Fernandes was thrilled to meet and interact with our college alumni. Our college PR Team went out of their way to make this a morning they would not forget. While they chatted over a cake cut to celebrate this special occasion, their love and gratitude towards this college was expressed with many an ex-student sharing stories and hilarious anecdotes of their time in college. They spoke unanimously about how the college helped shape them and provide them with a quality education that molded them into the kind of person they were today. We can’t help but mention here, that eight of them found their soulmates in their very class!

It was truly a fantastic experience for all..add to that, the keen request to “sit in class” once again and relive their lecture days.

The times had changed and though the White boards had now replaced blackboards and the chalk was replaced by LCD projectors, they took it all in and laughed as they lined the benches like it was 1994 all over again. 

It was a pleasant reminder to all of us, that no matter how long its been or how far you go, your college memories will always have a special place in your heart. The class of 94 were probably the first class that came back to college,  filled with nostalgia and  gratitude to St Andrews for giving them the best of both academics and extra-curricular which shaped them into the people they are today. And probably, some of the happiest times of their lives.


Cheers to the Class of 94!