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Enviromental Studies Department.

Enviroment Studies

Prof. Name Qualification Designation
Ms.Vineeta Nair M. A., NET B. Ed, M. Phil Assistant Professor


Activities of nature Club

EVS activities 2020-2021

EVS activities 2019-2020

EVS activities 2018-2019

EVS activities 2017-2018

EVS activities 2016-2017 


  1. Talk on energy conservation by Mr. Nirmal Nariani, Petroleum Corporation Research Association, on 02 August, 2019.
  2. Documentary Screening – ‘the 11th Hour” on 07 August, 2019
  3. Vineetha Nair attended a demonstration workshop on Solar Lamp at IIT Bombay on 23 August, 2019.
  4. Vineetha Nair and Prof. Roshani Bhatu attended a National Colloquium on ‘Institiutional Spocial Responsibility’ at R. D. National College on 32 august, 2019.
  5. 17 students participated in a beach clean-up drive at Girgaum Chowpatty. The clean-up was in jointly carried by Save the paws, We Love Animal Foundation, Captain Zack and Let it wag on 13 September 2019.
  6. A poster-making competition on cleanliness was conducted on 28 September 2019.
  7. A workshop on Disaster Management was conducted by Mr. Gopalkrishnan A. (One India One People Foundation) on 17 December 2019.
  8. A visit to exhibit of a working model of human lungs with display of real-time monitoring of Air Quality Index outside National College followed by visit to exhibition at Bombay Art Gallery entitled Breathless was conducted on 30 January, 2020.


  1. A filed trip to Maharashtra Nature Park was organized on 12 February, 2019.


  1. A trek to Kondhane caves was arranged on 22 July, 2017.
  2. Poster making competition on save Trees was held on 31 January, 2018.
  3. 8 students participated in the world’s second largest ‘No Honking Campaign’ on 03 February, 2018.
  4. A filed trip to Sagunabaug was organized on 12 February, 2019.


  1. A visit to exhibition on Rocks & Minerals was conducted on 16 December, 2016.
  2. A trek to Raigad fort was organized on 22 January, 2017.

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