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 St. Andrew’s College – Green Initiatives


  1. Green Campus Policy
  2. Green Audit Report 2019-21
  3. Landscaping with trees and plants
  4. Garden
  5. Waste management
  6. Water Conservation Facilities
  7. Energy conservation measures


Green Campus Policy

A Green Campus Policy document has been created by the IQAC-Criteria 7 highlighting the guidelines and information concerning promoting sound environmental management policies and practices throughout the College.

Green campus policy Document

Green Audit Report 2019-21

The College initiated a student-driven environmental activity named “Green Audit” with an aim to educate and provide an opportunity to college youth to understand and evaluate environmental practices and policies of various institutions. It helps them learn about environmental degradation, the impact of lifestyles on the environment and sustainability issues.

Green Audit Report

Landscaping with trees and plants

Landscaping with trees and plants: The college has several potted plants and trees on campus that are tended by Ms Mabel Rosario and Mr Yadav, the fertiliser for which is provided by the composted wet waste created on campus by Mr Robert Sequiera, another member of the college’s maintenance staff.


Tree plantation drive within campus organized by NSS and Nature Club (2017-18).

Waste management

St. Andrew’s College has undertaken initiatives to ensure the production of waste on campus, following the process of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The college has driven to raise awareness of the need to segregate waste into dry and wet components and composting the latter at home and on campus.

The degradable waste (which also includes soiled paper and dry leaves) once put into a shredder and processed, is then transferred into bins for composting. The liquid generated is collected in a tray, which is connected to the campus’ garden areas through pipes. The remaining solid waste processed by the shredder is stored in drums on campus where they compost and are converted into manure. This manure is then used as fertilizer for the maintenance of the potted plants on campus.

The collection of Tetra Packs in a special bin on campus to be recycled helps in making the idea of green campus.

Water Conservation Facilities

The college has a bore well on campus and the water from this is currently being utilized to flush toilets and water the garden. The liquid that is generated as a consequence of composting wet waste on campus is collected in a tray, which is connected to the campus’ garden areas through pipes. This waste run-off (wastewater) is recycled as manure for the potted plants on campus.

Energy conservation measures

Use of LED bulbs