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St. Andrew's Model United Nations
"Empowering the youth"


St. Andrew’s Model United Nation

“Empowering the Youth”



MISSION: – To encourage students in gaining insight into situations worldwide & assist them in aquanting them with international law, politics, governance, rights & duties.

  • St. Andrew’s Model United Nations, is an educational simulation and or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. SAMUN involves and teaches researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. Participants in SAMUN or other Model United Nations conferences are known as delegates, are placed in committees and assigned countries, or occasionally other organizations or political figures, where they represent members of that body. They are presented with their assignments in advance, along with a topic or topics that their committee will discuss. Delegates conduct research before conferences and formulate positions that they will then debate with their fellow delegates in the committee, staying true to the actual position of the member they represent. At the end of a conference, the best-performing delegates in each committee, as well as delegations, are sometimes recognized with awards.


SAMUN is a great plethora for students to engage in the world of diplomacy. It is the foundation stone for building the empire of world politics. Participation in SAMUN is meant to foster negotiation, speaking and communication skills. In addition, crisis committees, which deal with crisis scenarios which can be contemporary or historical, can develop leadership skills and the ability to adapt and deal with unexpected situations. SAMUN is a great setting where people can try to face their fear of public speaking. This chance to overcome a fear of public speaking is great because it supports delegates’ personal growth and triggers self-confidence.

Dr. Charmaine Braganza

Vice Principal & Professor In-Charge

As young catalysts, SAMUN is a wonderful platform for students to engage in events designed to enhance their personality and leadership skills. Children are the visionaries and leaders of tomorrow. MUN is the right platform for students to come forward as responsible young leaders to put forth their ideas to bring about peace and harmony in society and world at large. MUN is an engaging way of learning about the world. In this era of globalization it is extremely important to be aware of the rapidly changing political situations and challenges of the 21st Century. Understanding about the world politics will help students have a holistic perspective on India’s global commitments. It also develops leadership skills. MUN is an exercise in research, public speaking, and teamwork. MUN conference has in store stimulating debates and discussions by young diplomats on the most pressing issues faced by the world and seeking solutions for world harmony.

Mr. Sanjay Prajapat

Secretary General, SAMUN

List of Team Members

1. Dr. Preeti Oza ( Professor )

S.No Name Class Section Post
1 Sanjay Prajapat SYBBI A Secretary General
2 Chritina D'souza SYBA A Deputy Secretary General
3 Kevin Joe Praveen SYBBI A Organizing Commitee Head
4 Edgar Pereira SYBBI A Information Technology Head
5 Ritchella Brahmane SYBA A Logistics Head
6 Sharlene Dias SYBMS A Asst. Logistics Head
7 Tanisha Castellino SYBA A Logistics Head
8 Tejus Dalvi SYBSCIT A Social Media (Marketing)
9 Aishwariya Bangera FYBCOM A Social Media (Marketing)
10 Blessvia Noronha SYBBI A Creatives Head
11 Yogikrishnan Pillai SYBA A Internal Affairs Head
12 Chria Fernandes SYJC B Internal Affairs Head JC
13 Gupta Vijaylaxami Barister FYBA B Internal Affairs Head DC
14 Christalle Fernandes TYBA ECO External Affairs Head
15 Shivangi Poddar FY BAMMC A Asst. External Affairs Head
16 Sonali Balid TYBBI A Relationship Manager
17 Shruti Gupta SYJC A Asst.Relationship Manager JC
18 Rayann Airan FYBCOM A Asst.Relationship Manager DC




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