Dr. Amelia Correa M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Head of Department, Associate Professor
Dr. Kashmira P. Mody M.A.,N.E.T., Ph.D. Associate Professor

Department of Business Economics:

Dr. Graciella Tavares M.A., Ph.D. Head of Department and Associate Professor


Academic Year 2015-16

A UGC-sponsored National Seminar on Displacement Issues was held on February 20, 2016. Scholars and popular public figures associated with the subject motivated the audience, consisting of teachers and taught, along with some members of the local community, on the seriousness and the topicality of the subject.

The keynote address, ‘The environmental and social dilemmas of conservation displacement’, was delivered by Dr Asmita Kabra from Ambedkar University, New Delhi. This was followed by a special lecture, ‘Dispossessed by development: Issues of displacement, marginalization, and resistance to land acquisition in India, a sociological perspective’ delivered by Sarmistha Pattanaik from the IIT, Mumbai.
The students were spellbound by the screening of a documentary ‘A Narmada Diary’ made in 1995, directed by Anand Patwardhan and Simanthini Dhuru. Both were present to initiate an animated discussion on the general implications of the controversial project that followed. Dilip D’Souza, who has authored a book “The Narmada Damned: An enquiry into the politics of development’ was also present to provide his insights into the subject. The discussion was moderated by Ernest Fernandes, a member of the Local Managing Committee of the college.

On January 17, 2016, a talk on Behavioural Economics was delivered to the students by Lachlyn McColan. Faculty of the newly-instituted Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics, led by Karan Shah (COO) and Indradeep Ghosh (Associate Professor), interacted with the students in December 2015 and January 2016 on the importance of a formal education in economics.

Two ex-students, Derek Pereira in December 2015 and Oscar Gomes in January 2016, were invited to address students about pursuing a career in banking.
An exposure to the work of self-help groups at Mahalakshmi Saras, a fair to showcase state-level projects in the area, was an exercise in the synergies between theory and practice for students.
Students went on a heritage walk in September 2015 beginning with the fort at Land’s End, Bandra, and ending at Mount Mary’s Basilica.

The first year students could choose from a variety of activities. They included quizzes on Dr Mody’s blog, two 7-question challenges in Semester I and one 21-question challenge in Semester II; two Eco-WordMash competitions in September; a crossword on the environment and climate in December following the climate conference in Paris; Eco-Crosswords in January and February, and an Eco-CrossWordMash in February 2016.


Academic years 2010- 2015

Visit to the RBI Monetary Museum (2010-11, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15)

  • Blog– Eco4all started December 2011
  • Visit to Maharashtra Nature Club 2012-13
  • Visit to the American Center 2012-13,2013-14

Film screening

  • The Invisible Kashmir – 2010-2011
  • Wall Street – 2010-2011
  • Sponge Iron – 2012-2013
  • An Inconvenient Truth – 2013-2014

Inter-disciplinary National Seminar

  • 2010-11 — Antiga Goa e Nova Goa
  • 2011-12 — My Land, Land of Opportunity
  • 2012-13 — Culturalisation and its Impact
  • 2013-14—Labour Dynamics
  • 2014-15—Gender Matters

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