Dr. Amelia Correa M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Head of Department, Associate Professor
Dr. Kashmira P. Mody M.A.,N.E.T., Ph.D. Associate Professor

Department of Business Economics:

Dr. Graciella Tavares M.A., Ph.D. Head of Department and Associate Professor


2020 10Nov Departments of Economics and Business Economics

Highlights of the Departments of Economics and Business Economics


Guest Lectures
• June 2018: Aruna Roy on “The RTI Story.”
• December 2018: Express talk on “Fake News.”
• January 2019: Niranjan Mendonca on “Employability after Graduation.”
• March 2019: Karan Shah (CEO Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics) and Prof.
Indradeep Ghosh on “Latest Career Options for Economics Students.”

Annual Lecture Series: On The Frontiers of Economics
• February 2019: Prof. Indradeep Ghosh on “Cryptocurrencies” and “Why Tech
Companies Are Hiring Economists.”
• February 2019: Prof. Shagata Mukherjee on “Behavioural Economics.”

Field Trip
• January 2018: Visit to Maharashtra Nature Park

Subject Related Cocurricular Activities:
• August-September 2018: Unscrambled: The Economics Word: I-II-III-IV
• January 2019: EcoQuiz-I
• February 2019: EcoQuiz-II
• February 2019: EcoQuiz-II
• March 2019: EcoCrossWord
Annual Conference (Details Below)


Certificate Course
• September 2017: Basics of Research Methodology for S.Y.B.A. students

Guest Lectures
• August 2017: Faculty from Athena Institute on “Business Studies.”
• September 2017: Prof. Kevin Miranda on “How to invest in the Stock Market.”
• February 2018: AIIM EduSysPvt on “Banking and Financial Services.”

Field Trip
• February 2018: Visit to Sula Wines

Subject Related Cocurricular Activities:
• August 2017: EcoQuiz-I
• August 2017: EcoQuiz-II
• September 2017: EcoCrossword-I
• October 2017: EcoQuiz-III
• February 2018: EcoQuiz-IV
• February 2018: EcoQuiz-V
• March 2018: EcoCrossword-I

Annual Seminar (Details Below)


Guest Lectures

• July 2016: Team from Indian Express on “Modi and the Indian Economy.”
• August 2016: Principal Agnelo Menezes on “Careers Through Economics.”
• January 2017: Oscar Gomes on “Demonetisation: A Banker’s Point of View.”
Field Trip
• January 2017: Visit to Mahalakshmi Saras Mela
Subject Related Cocurricular Activities:
• June 2016: EcoQuiz-I
• July 2016: EcoQuiz-II
• July 2016: EcoWordMash-I
• September 2016: EcoQuiz-III

Annual Symposium (Details Below)



2018-2019 National Symposium: Ethics

March 15, 2019
Keynote Address: Dr. Murzban Jal
Special Lecture: Dr. Indradeep Ghosh
Invited Lecture: Aarti Saxena
Panel Discussion: Naresh Fernandes, Veena Gidwani and Carol Andrade


Keynote Speaker Prof. Murzban Jal | Special Lecture Prof. Indradeep Ghosh

2017-2018 National Symposium (UGC Sponsored): The Economics of Pollution

March 15, 2018
Keynote Address: Dr. Claude Alvares
Key Speakers: I.G.I.D.R. Professor of Environmental Policy Sudhakar Yedla
Environmental Activist Mr. Bittu Sahgal
Activist Mr. Hussain Indorewala

Keynote speaker Mr. Claude Alvares | Special Lecture Mr. Bittu Sahgal

2016-2017 National Symposium (UGC Sponsored): Good Governance

February 25, 2017
Special Lecture: Retd. Sukhamoy Chakravarty Professor of Economics (Jawaharlal Nehru
University) Arun Kumar
Key Speakers: Former Central Information Commissioner and RTI Activist
Mr. Shailesh Gandhi
Panel Discussion: Mr. Darryl D’Monte, Dr. Rohini Pandit, Prof. Sudha Mohan, Mr. Inderpal
Singh, moderated by Mr. Ernest Fernandes

Keynote Speaker Prof Arun Kumar | Special Lecture Mr. Shailesh Gandhi

2015-2016 National Seminar (UGC Sponsored): Displacement Issues

February 20, 2016
Keynote Address: Dr. Asmita Kabra
Special Lecture: Sarmistha Pattanaik
Documentary Screening: A Narmada Diary by Anand Patwardhan and Simanthini Dhuru
Book Discussion: The Narmada Damned by Dilip D’Souza

Keynote Speaker Dr. Ashmita Kahra | Special Lecture Dr. Sarmistha Pattnaik

2014-2015 National Seminar (UGC Sponsored): Gender Matters

February 21, 2015
Keynote Address: Dr. Lekha Chakraborty
Key Speakers: Dr. Veena Devasthali, Ms. Reena Bansal, Dr. Irfan Engineer, Mr. Harsh
Mander, Dr. Marina Pereira, Dr. Vibhuti Patel

2013-2014 Interdisciplinary Conference: Labour Market Dynamics

February 18, 2014
Keynote Address: Prof. Errol D’Souza
Key Speakers: Associate Editor of EPW Mr. Bernard D’Mello
Trade Unionist N. Vasudevan
Activist Sanober K.
Trade Unionist Vivek Monteiro
Academician Prof. Suchita Krishnaprasad
Retd. Corporate Executive Mr. Ernest Fernandes

2011-2012 Multidisciplinary Seminar: My Land, Land of Opportunity

January 20-21, 2012

Keynote Address: Retired IAS officers Dr. U. Mukhopadhay and Mr. Shankar Menon

Key Speakers: Activists Ashish Kothari and Brian Lobo
Economist Prof. Srijit Mishra
Historian Prof. Mariam Dossal
Architect Neera Adarkar
Academician Fr. Dias

Discussion of films by the makers:

(i) Development Flows from the Barrel of Guns
(ii) Vertical City

2012-2013 Interdisciplinary Conference (UGC Sponsored):
Culturalisation and its Impact
February 09, 2013
Inaugural Address: Prof. Ritu Dewan
Key Speakers: Leena Bilkha, Dr. Mangesh Kulkarni, Dr. Manjiri Kamath, Dr. M. T. Joseph
Discussion of films: (i) So Heddan So Hoddan by Prof. Anjali Monteiro and K. P. Jayashankar
(ii) Many Stories by Shymal Karmarkar

2010-2011 National Seminar: Antiga Goa e Nova Goa

January 21-22, 2011
Inaugurated by: Honourable Commissioner for NRI Affairs, Mr. Eduardo Faleiro
Keynote Address: Historian Dr. Teresa Albuquerque
Special Lecture: Political Scientist Prof. Louis D’Silva
Panel Discussion: Mr. Naresh Fernandes, Mr. Joseph St. Anne, Mr. Walter Vieira

Honourable Commissioner
for NRI Affairs,
Mr. Eduardo Faleiro

Speakers Dr. Louis D’Silva, Dr. Teresa
Albuquerque, Mr. Ernest Fernandes

Speakers Mr. George Menezes, Dr. Louis D’Silva,
Mr. Julio Ribeiro, Maj. Gen. Eustace D’Souza

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