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Faculty in the Hospitality Department.

Department of Hospitality

BSc.Hotel Management & Catering Technology/
MSc Hotel Management & Catering Technology & tourism/
Course Coordinator /Asst.Professor

Activities for the academic year 2021-22

Activities for the academic year 2020-21

Activities for the academic year 2019-20

Activities for the academic year 2018-19


The year commenced with an Orientation for the First-Year students and their parents to enlighten
them about the three-year journey of learning and skills that our students were about to embark upon.
The programme gave students an idea of what to expect from the course, and provided a platform for
parents to voice their queries about their children’s future on completion of the course. Students and
their parents were also introduced to the syllabus and the examination pattern. All queries were aptly
answered by our Hospitality Team of professors and chefs.


The department organised demonstrations and workshops by professionals from the industry. One of
the demonstrations, on the subject of ‘Mixology’ conducted by Mr. Dhaval Pillay from Drinq Barmen &
Academy, was a hit amongst the students, and also helped them gain confidence in a subject such as
bartending, one of the most demanding and specialised profession in the field of Food & Beverage.


‘First Aid’ was another valuable workshop conducted for the students of the Third-Year. In this session,
the students were briefed about how to react in various medical emergencies, and were given essential
know-how about dealing with them at work as well as at home.


In the field of ‘Culinary Arts’, workshops and demonstrations were held on topics like- ‘Chocolates’,
‘Larder & Sandwiches’, ‘Vegan Workshop’ and ‘Sushi & Dumplings’, the history of the cacao beans and
their interesting transformation into the chocolates we consume.


Not forgetting the memorable industrial visit to the ‘Go Cheese’ factory and to the Laundry facility of
Renaissance hotel where the student can see how a full-fledged laundry operation takes place. At the
‘Go Cheese’ factory the students got to witness the entire cheese manufacturing process right from the
milking of the cow to the making of delicious cheese we use on our pizzas and pastas.


In the other workshops, the students got hands- on experience in creating vegan dishes, understanding
the nuances in assembling cold sandwiches, and appreciating the art of sushi and dumplings.


This year’s theme lunch, titled Shaken ‘n’ Stirred,
organized by the third year students of the
Department was a display of excellence in culinary
skills and service styles acquired by them during

their three years of learning. One of the biggest learning cum teaching experiences had to do with
overcoming challenges successfully and in developing leadership qualities.


Finishing off with an array of flower arrangement for the student where they learn about the different
types of existing flower arrangements along with the techniques of creating and the care required to
assemble a perfect and attractive floral structure.

Once again, we were proud to host hotels like The Taj Group of hotels, Intercontinental, Hyatt Hotels
Corporation, Oberoi Hotels and ITC Maratha for internships and placements. We look forward to
welcoming yet another next batch to the hospitality industry.

Activities for the academic year 2017-18

This year, the Department of Hospitality Studies saw some remarkable changes, both in academics as
well as extra-curricular activities. An orientation in the college restaurant was conducted by the
Hospitality team for F.Y. students and their parents (28 July 2017). This orientation helped the students
and parents to get off to the best possible start. It also provided a platform for parents to clarify any
doubts they had regarding the field they had chosen for their child, and helped students get more
detailed information about their course. Guest speakers have become an important part of the
educational experience for students. They expose students to real world life experiences from the
position of someone who has been there. Students get to see the insight and perspective of the guest
speaker’s particular field of expertise. Therefore a series of guest lectures, workshops and guest
demonstrations/ practicals were planned and arranged for the special benefit of our students.


Renowned Pastry Chef Sachin Dobti from Celebrity Cruise Lines conducted a practical session for our T.Y.
students on “Basic chocolate making and cake with chocolate garnish”(15 and 17 of July 2017). He also
gave an elaborate presentation on chocolate molding, tempering, pastry making, plating and garnishing
of desserts.


Distinguished CDP, Sunny Serao from Ritz Carlton, U.S.A gave a ‘Sous vide cooking’ lecture to our T.Y.
students denoting a method of preserving food by partial cooking followed by vacuum-sealing and
chilling(14 of August 2017). Chef Sunny Serao also conducted a practical session for our T.Y. students on
‘Sushi and Japanese cooking’, explaining and sharing his profound knowledge on Japanese cuisine(24
and 26 of August 2017).


A Nutrition and health assessment was conducted by Ms. Anuradha Mitra for all the girls of our
department (3 August 2017). This helped the girls know their BMI, ideal body weight and body


The F.Y. students had their first ever guest lecture with Chef Feroz Khan (10 August 2017) during which a
fruits and vegetables carving session was conducted to enhance their knowledge on how to carve fruits
and vegetables with different techniques and equipment.


The Cocktail and Mocktail workshop organized for S.Y.B.Sc. (HS) by ‘Cocktails & Dreams’ enlightened
students on the different bar techniques and the latest trends followed in the bar industry.


On 9 September 2017, an industrial visit was planned and organized for the S.Y. students where they
visited the Hotel Renaissance laundry in order to enhance their knowledge about laundry operations,
laundry agents, equipment and the Spotting Unit.


The second half of the academic year began with more thrill and excitement. Ms. Sanchita Roy- an
executive from Nestle Food Company, explained to all our students the nutritional value of Nestle
products and how to use their products for cooking in different ways.


Our very own distinguished chefs and professors organized and conducted an English breakfast practical
session to educate the T.Y. students regarding authentic English dishes and how to serve the same in an
American style (8 January 2018).


Soon came the time for the long awaited annual event of the year for all the Hospitality students- the
‘Theme Dinner’ which is the hallmark of our Department. This year’s Theme Dinner was celebrated on
20 January 2018. The name of the event was ‘Rutucharya-Experience India on a Plate.’ This event was a
sit–down dinner function catering to almost 150 guests. This year’s theme dinner saw some remarkable
changes. The whole Hospitality Studies family came together as one and with zeal, passion and
perseverance put up a fantastic event which was a great success. Right from food to service and décor
to entertainment, everything was just perfect.


The Department also organized a workshop for all our students on ‘Personality Development and
Grooming’. This workshop was conducted by none other than the well-known model, Ms. Anna
Bredemeyer, who is also known as India’s original Super Model. Ms. Bredemeyer emphasized on
competence, etiquette, and personal presentation to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence.


A bakery competition was organized by Blue Bird Foods Pvt. Ltd to provide a platform for students to
portray their skills and knowledge, to invoke the sportsmanship spirit, and bring out the best in them (12
January 2018).


On 17 February 2017, T.Y. and S.Y. students went on a trip to Sula Vineyards in Nasik to enhance their
knowledge about the grape harvesting process. The main highlight of this trip was tasting different types
of wines with accompaniments. The following month another field trip was planned for our T.Y.


They visited Pride of Cows farm to understand the process of cow milking followed by a visit to the Go
Cheese plant to strengthen their knowledge on the processing of cheese (10 March 2018).

At the end of March came the time for the felicitation ceremony for our T.Y. students. The farewell was
organized by the students and professors in the Hospitality restaurant where professors and the
students of first year and second year bid farewell to the outgoing students of T.Y. with great
enthusiasm! It was a great day, filled with nostalgia, bittersweet feelings, fun and excitement! Finally,
our tenth batch bore fruits worthy of praise by graduating with flying colours. In this way, one more
academic year came to an end but not our journey as we prepare ourselves to welcome the next batch,
since every end suggests a fresh beginning!

Activities for the academic year 2016-17


The T.Y students visited the Gowardhan cheese factory to enhance their know how of the making and
processing of cheese and cheese products.


Various seminars were arranged for the students from various foreign universities for study as well as
job opportunities in the hospitality industry.
Mr. Tim Rudling- Swiss Education Group.
Mr. Jaspreet Singh – University college of Birmingham.
Mr.Venkat Raman- Pacific International Hotel Management School, New Zealand.


A Cocktail and Mocktail workshop was organized by “Cocktail & Dreams”, enlightening students on the
different bar techniques and trends followed in the bar industry.


Ms. Harinakshi Mistry, founder of Floral Design Institution, demonstrated different styles of flower
arrangement to help students make a career in flower arrangements and also to help them in the
Housekeeping Department.


The theme for our Annual Event was “Define India- Dil se Desi”. Our students put up a variety of inter-
state cuisines for the guests. It was a Sit-Down dinner catering to 200 guests on 14th January 2017.




First Year B. Sc. (HS)

Semester – I Semester – 2
  1.  Food Production & Patisserie – I
  2.  Food & Beverage Service – I
  3.  Front Office – I
  4.  House Keeping – I
  5.  Room Division Management (Practicals) – I
  6. Communication Skill – I
  7.  Information Technology
  8. Food Safety & Nutrition
  1.  Food Production & Patisserie – II
  2. Food & Beverage Service – II
  3. Front Office – II
  4.  House Keeping – II
  5. Room Division Management (Practicals) – II
  6. Communication Skill- II (English & French)
  7. Principles of Management
  8. Principles of Hotel Accountancy

Second Year B. Sc. (HS)

Semester – 3 Semester – 4
  1. Food Production – (Theory & Practical) – III
  2. Food & Beverage Service – (Theory & Practical)- III
  3. Front Office – III
  4. House Keeping – III
  5. Management Information System
  6. Hospitality Law & Human Resource Management
  7. Hotel Accountancy
  8. Room Division Management (Practical )

Industrial Training for all Core Departments:

  1. Food Production,
  2. Food & Beverage Service,
  3. Front Office &
  4. Housekeeping.

Third Year B. Sc. (HS)

Semester – 5 Semester – 6
  1. Food Production – (Theory& Practical)
  2. Food & Beverage Service – (Theory & Practical)
  3. Housekeeping V – (Theory& Practical)
  4. Front Office V – (Theory& Practical)
  5. Corporate English
  6. Environmental Sustainable Tourism
  1.  Organizational Behaviour
  2.  Strategic Management
  3. Event Planning, Marketing & Management
  4. Core Elective (Any TWO)

a)      Advanced Food Production
b)      Advanced Food & Beverage Operations
c)      Advanced Housekeeping
d)      Advanced Front Office
e)      Advanced Bakery & Confectionery

  1.      Allied Elective (Any ONE)

a)      Revenue Management
b)      Foreign Language (French)
c)      Services Marketing
d)      Financial Management
e)        Strategic Human Resource


FYBSc (Hospitality Studies) Syllabus
SYBSc (Hospitality Studies) Syllabus
TYBSc (Hospitality Studies) Syllabus

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