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Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools contribute to high quality lessons since they have potential to increase students’ motivation, connect students to many information sources, support active in-class and out-class learning environments, and let instructors to allocate more time for facilitation. Therefore, use of ICT tools in teaching and learning process in St Andrew’s College of Arts, Science and Commerce, becomes a great area of concern. These technologies increase students’ motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem to learn.

Additionally, new technologies usually encourage independent and active learning, as a result, the students feel more responsible for their own learning. Considerable number of ICT application in modernizing learning and teaching, triggers attempts to incorporate these technologies in order to benefit the quality of education, flexibility, access, and its cost.

Computer Labs

The College is equipped with three computer labs – two on the third floor of the main building with 60 computers each and another one in the hospitality building with 30 computers – to meet the requirement of the computer practical sessions in all the courses. Apart from the computer labs, the college has ensured that almost each and every computer in the campus is given the internet-facility through LAN or wi-fi connection. This facilitates the staff-rooms, library, office and various other rooms to get the internet facility.




We have 41 clean and spacious classrooms equipped with audio- visual facilities that consists of computers with complete accessories, wall-mounted speakers, fixed LCD projectors and white boards.

Seminar Halls

We have two air-conditioned conference rooms, a 1500 sq. ft. one with a seating capacity of 80-100 participants and another with 900 sq. ft. area. These rooms are equipped with audio-visual systems and boards, and are used to host seminars, conferences, workshops, guest lectures and to screen films for our students. The larger room supports a video-conferencing facility as well.

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