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Department of Commerce




Dr. Harmeet Kaur Bhasin

M.Com., B.Ed., Ph.D. (SNDT University), 


Head of the Department

Associate Professor

Ms. Ninoshka D’silva



Assistant Professor
Ms. Elizabeth Dias

M.Com., P.G.Diploma – HR & Administration, (TISS)


Assistant Professor




Academic year 2020-2021

Create the perfect resume and nail the interview
  • The resource person was an alumna of the college- Ms. Brinelle Lobo, Asst. Vice President in Citi Bank.
  • Ms. Lobo gave tips and techniques with which students could be better interviewees.
  • The techniques helped improve body posture, confidence, and communication skills during an interview.
Skill Development Program- “Business Secrets to Accelerate Your Success”

10 Session were held from Jan- May ’21

  1. MAFA Syndrome : Mr. Rajesh introduced the Eisenhower Matrix.
  2. The Power of Focus & The Pain of Procrastination
  3. The Enchantment of Energy: Helping students to know how important energy is for Success.
  4. Nirmiti Nidra and Stress Management : Mr. Rajesh first explained about the theory of Mind, the Critical Area of it.
  5. Personal Finance : Explanation of Personal Finance Concept.
  6. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Speaking on the 7 habits.
  7. The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success: Mr. Rajesh spoke on the 7 Non-Religious Spiritual Laws.
  8. Enhanced Personal Productivity: Mr. Rajesh explained the importance of productivity.
  9. Personal Management Skills:  Mr. Rajesh spoke about the 12 management skills.
  10. Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming: Mr. Rajesh briefed the audience about the birth and concept of NLP.
Investors' Awareness Program
  • With collaboration with BSE ,Mr. Amogh Gothoskar was the resource person.
  • The intend to quantify the Investors’ Awareness Program was towards different sort of mutual funds.
  • The pay winning and salary spending exercise is a piece of budgetary framework.
  • Tips on starting investment early and spoke on “value of money”.

Academic year 2019-2020

Guest Lectures
  • By Mr. Kosal Malladi, General Manager, Maidson Media on “Careers in advertising” on 17 Dec 2019
  • By Ex Andrean Brendon D’souza, V. P colours ,”Mid East/South Africa, Ad Sales , Marketing Brand engagement “ on Careers in Media” on 16 December 2019.
  • By Pratiksha Rajendra Kavade on “Start up
    initiatives” on 22 Jan 2020

– 20/1/20: Motivational Talk by Kuntal Joishe

– 20/1/20: Ad Mad Show

– 20/1/20: Click a Pic Competition

– 21/1/20: Business Quiz competition

– 21/1/20 : LOGO Making Competition

– 22/1/20 : Shark Tank- A unique business Idea

– 22/1/20 : Crazy Marketing Competition

– 22/1/20: Guest Lecture by Pratiksha Rajendra Kavade on “Start up initiatives”

Academic year 2018-19

  • The Commerce Department organized ARTvertice a competition on 8th Feb 2019 where Art meets commerce. Students from S.Y.BA and S.Y.B.COM C were invited to participate in the contest. This contest gave an opportunity to taste the blend of different disciplines.
  • The contest aimed at stimulating and encouraging creative ideas among young minds that can sustain and sell. Artvertices had three competitions -Shoot an ad, Story board making, Poster ad making .
  • (Aniket Patil and Ashmi Sheth from S.Y.BA won the award for “Best Creative Ad film and Best Story Board, Carol Paul from S.Y.BA won the Best Print poster Ad)
Guest lectures
  • “The power of transformation  communication in teams” on 12 -09- 2018
  • “ A Career in Banking and“ A Career in Banking and recent trends in HR” by Niranjan Mendonca on 09 -01- 2019
  • “ The making of an Ad Campaign” Lecture by Sheldon D,souza on 17 -01-2019

Shoot an ad competition

Storyboard making competition

Poster ad. making competition

Academic year 2017-18


Treasure Hunt :  Perhaps the most successful event of all, Treasure Hunt was held on 31st August 2017 and drew more than 150 participants. Shawn D’ Souza of T.Y.B.Com along with his friends took the “Treasure” home

Tele Games: This event which was held on 4th September 2017, also managed to attract close to 150 participants. The event was packed with exciting games and spot prizes and served as the principal source of fun for Comfest.

Debate Competition: Held on 6thSeptember 2017, the competition sought to serve as a platform for the students to voice their opinion on issues that concern the nation. Students’ general awareness as well as their ability to articulate their thoughts was put to the test. Yvonne Napier of the TYBA bagged the first place.

Shark Tank:  With Pravesh Neupane of the TYB.Com as the winner, Shark Tank provided a platform where business ideas were groomed into business ventures. This event, held on 7th September2017, was a new addition to Comfest and received a positive response from the students

Spanish Workshop :Comfest also included a workshop on Spanishon 7th September 2017. Ms. Blanka of Hispanic Horizon, gave a brief regarding the language and its increasing importance in today’s world.

Quiz Competition: The competition’s elimination and final rounds were held on 8thSeptember 2017. Brian Fernandes and Jeremy D’Souza of the T.Y.B.M.S and S.Y.B.Com made it through as first place winners.

Ad Mad Show:  With the aim of compelling students to come up with creative ideas, Shoot an Ad was held on 9thSeptember 2017. Beating tough competition, Pravesh Neupane and his team mates bagged the first place. 

Presentation Competition: A Research paper Presentation Competition was held on 9thSeptember 2017, so as to let students present research work carried out by them. Sheena D’cruz, the winner, and the other participants came out with a wide variety of topics ranging from demonetisation, changes in the financial year, GST, Marketing, etc among others.

Talent Hunt:  The event had its elimination and final rounds on 11th September 2017. Nikhil Jose of the T.Y.B.Com was the winner. 

(Comfest – OC-Functional heads- Mikael D’souza, Michelle D’Souza, Myron Mendonca, Theresa Moonjely, Regan D’mello and Kimberley Rebello)

Guest lecture
  • 1st March 2018 -A Guest Lecture on “Study overseas” by Ex- Student Warren Fernandez from NZEA (New Zealand Education Advisors Limited)
  • The Commerce Department conducted an industrial visit to Sula Vineyard on 22 January, 2018. Around 150 students from T.Y.B.Com and few students of T.Y.B.A Economics Major visited the Sula Vineyard. Students witnessed the wine making and the grapes selection process as well as their in-house storage facility. The students were given a briefing regarding wine storage and its formation.
  • Screening of Short Videos including Steve Jobs Amazing Marketing Strategy, Mc Donald’s Ads v/s Real Thing, Nike Marketing Strategy, Steve Jobs’2005 Stanford Commencement Address, Retail Future, Failed Ads, Cubes JWT Office Tour, Creative Advertising pitch, MPEDA Activities- Aquaculture, FIEO Video, HRIS Software, Infosys Campus Recruitment Procedure, Job of a Sales Manager, Group Interview, Job of an Interior Designer, Psychology and Advertising, KPO careers, BPO’s in India, Future of Digital Retail, Virtual windows (ZARA), Virtual Dressing Room and Glass Advertising.
    Documentary Screenings included American Genius Steve Jobs v/s Bill Gates (2015), Corporation, Super Size Me, IIFT-Corporate Video and Short story on rural market.

Academic year 2016-17


Debate: 1 Aug 2016 (Elimination ) and 5 Aug 2016 (Final round)


T-Shirt Painting:

Project Presentation:

Poster Making:

Essay Writing:


Shoot An Ad


Guest Lectures and Workshops
  • On 28th Sept. a Guest Lecture on “Time management and stress managment” was conducted for the Third Year students by Vilasini Patkar

Academic year 2015-16


– Debate

– Essay

– Quiz

– Ckick a pic

– Poster making

– Deabte

– Guest Lecture

– Shoot An Ad competioin

Industrial Visit
  • On 23rd January 2016, Department of Commerce had organized industrial visit to Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage India Pvt. Ltd. at Wada Taluka, Post Kudus. Purpose of the visit was to acquaint student with production system. This Wada plant has production of all the product of Coca-Cola ranging from Thumps-Up, Sprite, Fanta, Limca, Maaza, Minute Maid and Kinley Water and Soda. Most of the production systems at this plant are fully automated. Students learned about production system starting from bottles making – bottles filling to – bottle labelling to ending at storage of production lot, which follows Batch and Continuous Production method. 150 students from BCom. and B.A. accompanied in this industrial visit.


2014-15 to 2010-11

Academic year 2014-15

Guest Lectures on:

  • Current Trends in the Stock Market by Ex Andrean Nigel D’Souza- Anchor and Research Analyst, CNBC
  • Creative Content in Digital Marketing by Carlton D’Silva, Ex-Andrean and CCO of Hungama

Mock Interview

  • Ex-Andrean Brian Pinto of Royal Bank of Scotland, and Manchester based spoke to TYB.Coms on Interviews and conducted a Mock Interview.

Career workshop

  • A Career workshop on possible careers in Finance, Marketing, Management and Banking was conducted for TY’s by FINPLAN and SPICE.

Competitions and Ad film screening

  • Students creativity encouraged by Shooting an Advertising Commercial
  • An Essay writing competition – Topic – “ Impact of the present political environment on the future of the service sector in India”

Documentaries And Short Videos Screened

  • Brand Retail Future
  • Science Of Persuasion
  • ATM Scam Videos
  • How To Prevent Credit Card Frauds
  • Digital Marketing
  • Philip Kotler On Marketing
  • The Best Ad Commercials
  • Winning TVCS
Academic year 2013-14
  • Inter-class business Quiz Competition
  • A field trip to R.B.I.
  • Powerpoint Presentation on E-Commerce
  • Guest lecture on ‘Depository and Dematerialisation of Shares
Academic year 2012-13
  • Guest lecture on ‘Depository and Dematerialisation of Shares’
  • Guest lecture on Career Options by the ‘Times Group’
  • PowerPoint Presentation on Consumer Movement and Business Environment
  • Guest lecture for H.S.C. students on ‘Preparing for the Board Exams’
  • Commerce Wallpaper which displayed current topics related to Commerce and Business.
Academic year 2011-12
  • Guest lectures on various issues related to Computer Science
  • A lecture for H.S.C. students on ‘Preparing for the Board Exams’
  • Guest lecture on “Company Secretary as a Career Option’
  • Commerce Wallpaper where info. about various commerce topics are displayed.
Academic year 2010-11
  • Power – Point presentation related to Advertising, Insurance & Business
  • Guest lecture on Career Options
  • Guest lecture on Soft skills & Retail trade.

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