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St. Andrew’s College – Public Relations Cell

The Andrean PR Team was setup by Prof. Desiree Gonsalves during the academic year 2019-2020 in order to create a brand image of the college.


Since it’s inception, the Public Relations Team has worked to execute various activities for the students, in order to craft a successful brand image of the college and provide collaborative services to prospects internally as well as externally.

The Public Relations Team at St. Andrew’s College has achieved the Following: –


  • 360 Virtual Tour – 26/5/19
  • Successful Website Launch – 27/6/19
  • Social Media Re-vamp (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) – 11/7/19
  • Talentine
  • Andrean Attic
  • Rebranding NBT

Professors In-Charge

In this age of growing digital media, the Public Relations team of St. Andrew’s college has taken up the task of building an online presence for the college. The enterprising team of students effectively handles various internal and external PR activities, social media pages of the college and regular updates on the college website. The activities of the team help bring out the Andrean story to everyone.

I am delighted to support this endeavour with my understanding of digital marketing, while working with an energetic team and nurturing their creative fervour.

Prof. Belinda Jones

Course Coordinator & Asst. Professor, Department of Multimedia and Mass Communication

To echo Richard Branson, ‘Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.’

Branding and PR have never been more relevant and vital before. From a proactive and skilled team; to a spirit of curiosity, innovation and a thirst to learn more – the PR team at St. Andrew’s College has all the weapons in its arsenal to build up an online presence for the college.  

It gives me great pleasure to be a part of their mission to reach out to various stakeholders and spread the Andrean spirit. I look forward to supporting a number of fruitful activities by the PR team while lending my expertise and experience in the fields of social media and digital strategy, content marketing and more.

Prof. Elizabeth Dias

Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce

Core Team

Sara Budhabhatti

Sara Budhabhatti

Head of PR

Sara is someone with a bright and bubbly personality. Someone who is very hardworking. There are very few people I come across who have noteworthy organisational skill, she most definitely is one of them. Would  I go back and pick someone else to lead the team, absolutely not. She’s leading the team with grace and kindness, aiming for nothing less than the best for the team.

Simran Surve

Simran Surve

HOD of Internal PR

Simran has always been the kind of person who is bold, creative and determined in doing the work alloted to her on time. She is one of the oldest members who joined during the inception of the PR team and she has dedicated so much of her time in uplifting the team. She is truly one of the most hardworking and honest person I have come across during my time in the college. And hence it was a very easy decision for me to give her my position.

Fleur Fernandes

Fleur Fernandes

HOD of External PR

Vivacious, affable and innovative are some of the qualities that define Fleur Fernandes the best. Her unswerving loyalty coupled with her warm demeanor makes her a resourceful and an approachable leader to her teammates. Fleur has been supporting the PR Cell since the inception of her career at Andrew’s and her involvement has brought only approbatory results to the team.

Glynis Fernandes

Glynis Fernandes

HOD of Content

Glynis can be described as an amalgamation of a talented and dedicated student and professional in the field of writing. A one of kind and unique writing style makes you want to never stop reading. As someone who aspires to be a writer, Glynis is sure to be an inspiration to many who follow her journey.



HOD of Graphics

His work speaks louder than words, Devesh Joshi the Head of the Designing Team is the utmost talented, creative and we’re at a loss of adjectives for him.

Brendon Martins

Brendon Martins

HOD of Photography

A petrol head, a film buff and a person who loves looking at the world through his viewfinder. Meet Brendon Martins. He’s one of the most passionate and ambitious people you’ve ever met till date. A genuinely amiable and a warm person, he’s someone you can depend on for anything and everything. With a strong passion for photography, he shows utmost dedication to his work and always strives to achieve greatness in everything he does.

Gulabchand Mishra

Gulabchand Mishra

HOD of Social Media

An amiable soul with galaxies in his mind. Gulab is a gypsy soul with boundless curiosity and a heart of surprises.

He brings the lost energy to the team and crafts the artwork of social media to admire.

With a smile of comfort, brings his work into place. His confidence stems from his urge to learn.

He is a natural leader, not afraid to stand out from the crowd to escort success, and continues to flourish in the PR team with his infinite qualities.

Rohan Kalsi

Rohan Kalsi

HOD of Web Dev

Rohan’s attention to detail and dedication towards the team is what set’s him apart from his peers. He doesn’t shy away from putting in extra efforts and that is imperative step towards turning a good project to a great one. Best of luck!

Our Brands

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