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A Disability Policy document has been created by the Equal Opportunity Cell in
2020-21 highlighting the guidelines and information concerning the inclusive
education policy followed by the college and mandated by the University of Mumbai.

The college website is disability friendly in order to cater to the needs of a diverse
population of students. The college extends support for the differently abled by
providing various facilities, thus promoting inclusivity.

The college premises has ramps and railings at the main and library entrance, a lift
(an elevator) that can accommodate a wheelchair, a gender-neutral accessible
washroom, and a table in the library reserved for specially-abled students.

Support for the differently abled in St. Andrew’s college may also be viewed in the following videos:

Beyond Sight | Season 2 | Episode 2 – YouTube

Beyond Sight | Season 2 | Special Episode – YouTube

Wheelchair Basketball match: December 2022 (see video below)