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We are delighted and proud to announce that, our 5th Annual Inter-Collegiate Science Exhibition cum Poster Competition, “TECHNO-SCIENCE GALAXY 2015” will be held on Tuesday,December 08, 2015. The event is open only to students of Junior College.
We strive to construct a scientific and creative attitude in the young minds of our students. The preparations of the exhibits are an exhilarating experience for the students, including the improvisations of science kits and devices/ models offering solutions to many present and potential socio-economic problems. The purpose of the Science Exhibition is to develop a scientific attitude in the young generation of our country and to make them realize the interdependence of Science, Technology and Society. It also aims to develop critical thinking among our students about global issues and to create a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations.

The theme for the Science Exhibition cum Poster Competition is “Science and Technology for Sustainable Development”. The sub-themes for the above event are as follows:
1) Agriculture and Industry.
2) Natural Resources and their Conservation.
3) Transport & Communication.
4) Community Health & Environment.
5) Information & Education Technology.
6) Mathematical Modelling.
7) Disaster management.

Details of the Programme:
There are three categories in which students can participate:
Category-01: Science Exhibition (Working Model)
Category- 02: Science Exhibition (Non-working Model)
Category- 03: Poster Exhibition

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