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First Term

15 July 2016 : Socio-History Student Seminar

20-30 July 2016 : Film Screenings :(TYBA) Legend of Bhagat Singh, Gandhi

(FYBA) Mumbai, One City Two Worlds

Career Talk: P. Almeida, ‘Instructional Writing’

25-31 August 2016 : Field Visits: (SYBA+ TYBA) Discovery of India

(FYBA) Bhaudaji Lad Museum

Guest Lecture: Architect David Cardoz, ‘Urban Conservation’

Career Talk: Michelle D’Souza/Bernard Thomas,

D’Mello, ‘ Careers in Aviation’

15-23 September 2016 : Film Screenings: (TYBA) Vijayanagara, Delhi Imperial City

(SYBA) World War I, Life in the Trenches

Inter-department Student Seminar

Career Talk: Cherylyn D’Souza, ‘Montessory Teaching’,

New Zealand Tertiary College – ECCE

Steffi D’Souza – ‘School Teaching’

Second Term

4-10 December 2016: Field Visit : (FYBA) Heritage Walk  – Churchgate-Asiatic Society

(TYBA) CSMVS (Prince of Wales Museum)

Guest Lectures: Bilwa Kulkarni, ‘Careers in Museology)

Career Talk : A. Nabiar (Thomas Cook), ‘Careers in Travel and Tourism’

27-31 January 2017 : Film Screenings: (FYBA) Development Flows from the Barrel Of the Gun’

(TYBA) Jodha Akbar, In the Name of God

1-5 February 2017 : Heritage Walk: (FYBA) Marine Drive

Field Visit: (TYBA) Nehru Science Centre.