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Dr. Shirly George

img-shirly_georgeDr. Shirly George
Department of Sociology


MA, M.Phil, PhD

Research Involvement:

  • Papers presented at:

    • Participated and presented a paper on “A Critique on SGSY with specialreference to women SHGs in Ezhumattoor panchayat in Kerala” at IndianSociological Society at the 37th All India Sociological Conference during theDiamond Jubilee Celebrations of Indian Sociological Society at JawaharlalNehru University, New Delhi on 11-13 December 2011.
    • Attended and presented a paper “Women and Property Rights : A Study ofSyrian Christian Women of Kerala,” at the 38th All India SociologicalConference, Organized by the Department of Sociology, Mohanlal SukhadiaUniversity, Udaipur, Rajasthan. 27-29 December 2012
  • Papers published:

    • Presented and published a paper “ A Critical Evaluation of Government AidedProgrammes on Women Empowerment” in Andrean Research Journal Vol. 1,at St. Andrew’s College of Arts, Science and Commerce. April 2011. ISSN2278-9294.
    • Published a paper “Gendered Approach to Development: A Critical Review”in Urdhva Mula, An inter-disciplinary journal focusing on women and relatedissues, Vol 7 April 2014 ISSN 2277-7954