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Dr. Amelia Correa

Dr. (Ms.) Amelia Correa (H.O.D.)

Dr.Amelia Correa
Department of Economics


MA, Ph.D


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Publication Details


S.No. Name of Author Title of Article Name of Journal Year of Publication
1 Amelia Correa Democracy over Governance Brazilian Journal of Political Economy 2013 vol 22, no 4 pp 638-648
2 Amelia Correa Corporate Governance and Monetary Policy Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law 2014 vol 3, no 3
pp 42-59
3 Amelia Correa The Monetary-Fiscal Mix European Journal of Economic Studies 2014 vol 10, no 4
pp 206-210
4 Amelia Correa Accounting for Financialization World Review of Political Economy 2015 forthcoming

Papers presented at seminars/conferences:

Microfinance: Debt and Equity Contracts, (with R. Correa), International Conference on Issues in Finance: Theory and Empirics, Centre for Advanced Studies, Department of Economics, Jadavpur University, January 2–3, 2008

Research Involvement:

Title of project: Relative merits of stock–market and bank–based systems with special reference to India Year: 1999 Amount sanctioned: Rs. fifty–five thousand only.