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Management Studies

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Ms. Melanie Andrade B.Com, M.Com (Mgmt), N.E.T. (COMMERCE)
Ms. Savina Shenoy M.Com, DHRM, Diploma In Media Communications Specialized In P.R
Ms. Clementia D’souza B.Com( A&F), M.Com (Accounts), CA Inter

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Academic Year 2015-16

The academic year 2015-16 has been extremely super-intensifying for all the Andrean students of the B.M.S Department. The Departmental activities were not just limited to the understanding of the book, but went beyond that through various interactive sessions, making it an excellent experience overall.
An orientation programme was conducted by the faculty members of the department itself for the FY.B.M.S students. The various co-curricular & extra-curricular conducted during the academic year are as follows:
28th June, the students of SY.B.M.S and TY.B.M.S had a guest lecture by Prof. Sazael Shah on ‘Resume Building and the Various Techniques for facing an interview’ which gave them a better understanding about the importance of the contents of the resume and how they can prepare themselves for an interview. The Third Year B.M.S. students on 19th July had a session on Business Writing since almost all business activities are envisioned, planned, implemented and analyzed in written format by Ms. Jharana Shah.
Mr. Biju Dominic, CEO & Co-founder of FinalMile Consulting and a TED Talk Speaker had a guest lecture for the T.Y.B.M.S. students on 31st July about understanding the human behavior.  On 10th August, the students from T.Y.B.M.S. visited the ‘Bombay Stock Exchange’ (B.S.E) where a workshop on “Emerging Trends in Financial Markets ’’ was conducted acquainting the students with the upcoming changes in the markets. The First Year B.M.S. students were allowed to showcase their creativity and management skills by creating working models. The models presented in ‘Back in Time’ on 15th September also brought in new teaching methods
In December, the Christmas season saw a three day long event of Winter Wonderland by the B.M.S department. On 17th there was a guest lecture based on Media Industry from Zee Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Followed by a seminar on 18th regarding Marketing Essentials. Christmas Fair was also held and the event came to an end on 19th with a Graphology Workshop by Mr.
On 9th Jan 2016 a TED talk on Rural Markets was held by the speaker Prof. Pradeep Kashyap CEO, MART for the Second Year marketing elective students. A Documentary was shown to the students of First Year students on Steve Jobs message of striving on and facing challenges. The second year students conducted Mock Stock on 28th Jan which helped students to get an idea of the how the equity markets function. Prof. Simon Sweeney from York University, UK, delivered a guest lecture on “The BRICs and the global economy in 2016: multipolarity requires multilateral consensus” on 4th Feb. On 6th Feb experience sharing by the Alumni of B.M.S. was carried out through the Learners to Leaders process for the T.Y.B.M.S. students.
This Industrial Visit for the first, second and third year students on 13th Feb to Exide Batteries and Valvinoc Valves, Pune gave them an understanding of how a manufacturing enterprise function keeping the quality standards.
Prof. Navin Punjabi, Assistant Professor from H.R. College had a guest lecture for the second year students on ‘Choice of an Elective’ to build an understanding about the electives offered by the University on 23rd Feb. On the same day almost 60 third year students had been to Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) for a seminar on Entrepreneurship and Finance Simulation Models which was an interactive and learning session.
Through SMUN our student Ms. Lakshmi Sreedhar was chosen the second time to represent our college for the Indian Student Parliament in Pune (also called the Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad) from 26th to 30th January 2016.
This year has been a learning and a fruitful year for the B.M.S. Department!!!
Academic Year 2010-2011

Date Name of Activity Topic Resource Place
(If any)
2 Aug Guest Lecture for Studies Abroad Geebee A.V.
T.Y.B.M.S. Education Pvt. Room
Ltd. (on-site)
9 Aug Guest Lecture Corporate Etiquette Classroo


27 August Guest Lecture Emerging Trends in Christian A.V.
Entrepreneurship Chambers of Room
Commerce (on-site)


2 Workshop Higher Education in India and Ms. Pratibha BSE
February Abroad’ Jain (off-
17 August Business Games. Screening of the following clippings —– A.V.
on  production  of  Heinz  Ketchup, Room
Chocolate, Monginis, Manufacturing (on-site)
of  milk  and  butter  was  shown  in
order to understand its production
cycle and quality standards


17 August Guest Lecture for Soft and Interactive Skills Training Ms. Anju A.V.
F.Y.B.M.S. Radhakrishnan Room

Academic Year 2011-2012

Date Name of Activity Topic Resource Place
(If any)
1st  August Guest Lecture for Career Options and Effective ways Dr. Ishikant Classroom
S.Y.B.M.S. to handle interviews Jha


8th August Guest Lecture for Marketing and Career Options Ms. BeenaClassroom
T.Y.B.M.S. available to them in the marketing Mathen


2nd Guest Lecture for University pattern on Financial Mr. Nagesh S.  Classroom
September T.Y.B.M.S. Management


8nd Guest Lecture for Rural Marketing in India Mr. Anand A.V. Room
December S.Y.B.M.S. Bhatia


12th Guest Lecture for How to handle interviews Mr. AnandClassroom
December F.Y.B.M.S. Bhatia

Academic Year 2012-2013

Name of Activity Topic Resource person Place
(If any)
Workshop for F.Y./ LEADERSHIP with special emphasis on Mr. Mark Flint A.V. Room
S.Y./T.Y.B.M.S. ‘INTEGRITY’ a crucial aspect of a leader (on-site)


An Exhibition for Back In Time – An exhibition of Classroom
F.Y.B.M.S. Management Thinkers & their work (on-site)
Guest Lecture for Careers in Investment Banking Conducted by A.V. Room
T.Y.B.M.S. Imarticus (on-site)
Guest Lecture for Total Quality Management Mr. Deepak A.V. Room
S.Y.B.M.S & Mehta (on-site)
Workshop for S.Y.B.M.S. KRAZZY KRACKLES-”- The Ad Mad show —- A.V. Room
Business cum Christmas AURA —- Campus
Fest (on-site)

Academic year 2013-2014

3rd July T.Y.B.M.S. Bulls & Bears
29th July S.Y.B.M.S Learn to Lead
23rd July T.Y. Essay Competition
27th Aug F.Y.B.M.S Oh Marketing!!!!
28th Aug S.Y.B.M.S Retro Metro
29th Aug S.Y.B.M.S Ad Mad Show
27th Jan T.Y.B.M.S. Talk from Young Entrepreneurs of today
18th Jan S.Y.B.M.S Guest Lecture on RTI
Guest lecture on Brand Success Story & Case Study on
16th Jan F.Y.B.M.S Flipkart
8th Feb T.Y.B.M.S. Resume Writing (Education to Employability)
13th Feb S.Y.B.M.S Guest Lecture on Research Methods in Business
14th Feb F.Y.B.M.S Guest lecture on Cyber Crime


Academic Year 2014-15

The association of B.M.S started with recharged energy, bigger goals and deeper vision for this academic year 2014- 2015. Along with theoretical grounding, the students were encouraged and provided with platforms for practical applications.
The FY.B.M.S students were introduced to an orientation programme conducted by the faculty members of the department itself. The various co-curricular & extra-curricular for the academic year were as follows:
16th July 2014 A session by Prof. Navin Punjabi & Jharna Sheth was conducted for T.Y.B.M.S to give the students a better understanding on ‘Resume Building and the Various Techniques for facing an interview’. Students were given tips on how to prepare themselves while appearing for an interview. 120 students took advantage of this session.
23rd July 2014 S.Y.B.M.S & T.Y.B.M.S penned down their views in an Essay Writing Competition. The students were asked to write on the “Marketing of FIFA” and “Marketing of Modi Campaign”.
4th  August  2014,  A  guest    lecture    by   Ms.    Kamakshi    Khurana   on    “How  to  improve concentration and memory power through music?”

19th August 2014, An off-site study cum Career Development visit to the ‘Bombay Stock Exchange’ (B.S.E) where a workshop conducted for T.Y.B.M.S lead by Ms. Krupa Desai familiarising the students with the various courses available and its future prospects.
4th September, students of F.Y.B.M.S were encouraged to think out of the box for the betterment of the society in the guest lecture on “Waste Management”. The Speaker was Mr. Subodh Bedre. The lecture aimed to spread the importance on protection of waste, encouraging the students to take an initiative on Waste Management.
4   December   to   8   December    B.M.S.   department   organised   a   Non-Core  Certification Programme in collaboration with KPMG on Risk Management for the students of Self Financing Courses.
13 February the F.Y.B.M.S. students organised an exhibition of Environment based working models addressing the issues of environment degradation and spreading the awareness of a eco friendly campus.
To add to the glory, Ms. Ninoshka Gracious – T.Y.B.M.S presented a Research paper on 10th January 2015- titled ‘Strategic talent Management of a Project manager’ co-authored by Prof.Jenny Benoy at Nirma University – Ahmedabad.
The association encourages students to participate in various inter collegiate festivals and students have won many accolades in these festivals. For the Inter-collegiate festival ‘Talenzia’ – Tolani college, Mr.Aditya D’costa F.Y.B.M.S won the 2nd place in Quiz Competition. He also grabbed the 3rd place for a PPT presentation on ‘Statistical Data presentation’ at J.M Patel College of Commerce- Goregoan
The B.M.S department also encourages students to participate in sports tournaments along with their academics. Mr.Dion Menezes, – was selected to represent the college at Mumbai University in Football tournament– Gwalior. He was also adjudged the “Player of the Year’ – 2014-2015. Ms. Andriette Rodrigues- captain of the Football team (Women) represented the Mumbai University – Jaipur and bagged the first place.
Accacia Fernandes, Alesha Colaco, Jeanelle Rodrigues, Andriette Rodrigues and others participated and won the 3rd place in Hockey Competition at the Mumbai University. Larissa Menezes was adjudged All-Rounder (Female) 2014-1015.