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Ms. Shirley Pillai M.Com, M.Phil, MBA , B.Ed, Phd Scholar
Ms. Patricia Pereira M.M.S(Finance)

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Academic Year 2015-16
4th July 2015: Orientation was conducted in the class with parent’s feedback for FYBBI, SYBBI               and TYBBI.
6th July 2015: Endevour Group conducted a seminar on “Resume Building and GDPI” for the TYBBI and SYBBI students
22nd August 2015: A guest lecture was conducted by Mr. Chatanya Kulkuri on “Marketing in Banking and Insurance sector” for the TYBBI students.
28th August 2015: A guest lecture was conducted by Tanaya on the topic “Career Prospects in Banking and Insurance” for the TYBBI students.
29th August 2015: Mr Chatanya Kulkarni conducted a guest lecture on “Credit rating and perceived view of customer relationship management in the banking sector” for the SYBBI students.
12th September 2015: Students of TYBBI attended COMFEST 2015 at St Paul’s Institute of Communication & Education.
15th September 2015: A guest Lecture on “Importance of saving and encouraging it among students” was conducted by Andrea (Marketing manager of Citizen Credit Co-operative Bank)
17th July -18th September: Weekly display of charts and posters by FYBBI students.
29th September 2015: A seminar was conducted on “Capital Market” by Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) .
Academic Years 2010-2015
Guest Lectures & Seminars

  • 26th July-10: A guest lecture for TYBBI Students on “ Career Opportunities in Banking & Insurance” by Prof.Jinesh
  • 22nd Dec-10: Seminar on “ To be a part of Insurance Agencies” by Bharti AXA Life Insurance Co for FY BBI & SY
  • 8thFebruay -11: Seminar on “Trends & Scope in Insurance” by Insurance Institute of India for FY BBI & SY
  • 30th July-11: Guest Lecture on “ Career Opportunities in Banking & Insurance” by Jinesh Shah. For the FY BBI.
  • 21st February -12: Guest lecture on” Process Costing” by Nishant(NFAP), Financial Consulting Firm.
  • 10th Oct-12: “MBA guidance” seminar conducted by Gee Bee Education Pvt Ltd for TY
  • 25th September-12: Guest Lecture on”Career Growth in B &I for FY
  • 25th Spetember-12: Guest Lecture on “ Financial Reporting Analysis and University question paper solving techniques” for TY BBI
  • 4th Jan-13: Seminar on“Seeking Education in global universities” for TY BBI by Gee Bee Education Pvt
  • 9th Jan-13: Lecture on “Rewarding Careers in the filed of Life Insurance” for SY
  • 9th July 2013: A guest lecture was conducted by Prof. Jinesh Shah on “ Career Opportunities in Banking & Insurance sector” for the FY BBI
  • 27th August 2013: A guest lecture on University “ Project management” for the TY BBI students was conducted .
  • A quiz was conducted for the SY BBI students on the importance of motivation and teamwork in organizational
  • 31st January 2014: A guest lecture was conducted for the TY BBI Students on “ Recruitment and selection procedures in Banks” by Prof.Job
  • 10th February 2014: A guest lecture was conducted for the FY BBI and TY BBI students on investment markets by “ The Institute of Company Secretaries of ”
  • 24th February 2014: A one day intercollegiate seminar was conducted by the BBI department on “ Bank your assurance” an entrepreneurship seminar where various students of intra college and FYBBI,SYBBI and TYBBI
  • 10th January 2015: A guest lecture was conducted by Prof. Jinesh Shah on “Career opportunities in Banking and Insurance” for the SYBBI students
  • 10th February 2015: Guest lecture on “Process of Recruitment and Selection in Banking Sector” by Ms. Andrea (BDM in Citizen credit co-operative bank) for the TYBBI
  • 27th February 2015: Guest lecture conducted by FINPLAN institution pvt ltd on “Career Planning” for the TYBBI
  • 28th March 2015: Guest Lecture conducted by Prof. Rahul Shah on “How to crack an interview” for the TYBBI
  • 12th March 2015: Guest lecture was conducted by Dr. NishikanthJah on “University paper solving techniques” for the TYBBI

Industrial visits 2010-2015

  • Industrial visit for the SY BBI Studnets to the Parle Biscuit Co, Khopoli on 7th January 2011 .
  • Industrial visit to the RBI Museum & LIC Co. in Fort Mumbai for the FY BBI students on 16thDecember
  • 8thfeb 2011 FY BBI & SY BBI students visited “ Glass Factory “ in

Training Programmes & Workshops 2010-2015

  • 18th December-10: IRDA training programme for SYBBI students conducted by AVIVA Life Insurance
  • 27th January-12: TYBBI Students Participation in the Conference on “ Back to Basics” conducted by the Insurance Institute of  India .
  • 1st to 24th August 2013: A workshop was conducted for the SY BBI students. Topics covered were Money Laundering in Various banks, Internet Banking, KYC Rules, IT and Banking Exams,
  • e-Banking and m-Banking, LIC Policies, Banking & Insurance trends and Rural Banking along with workshop charts which were displayed on the notice board on a weekly basis.
  • 6th March 2014: A “Gender discrimination workshop” was organized by the department on the occasion of Women’s day celebration with the collaboration of women’s development cell of the
  • 15th July 2014: Secession was conducted on “News Reading” and topics discussed were on Environmental and Financial services in Banking and
  • 12th November 2014:Workshop was conducted on “Entrepreneurship” for the SYBBI students, charts are displayed on the notice board on weekly basis of the topics discussed- Women Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship Management, Idea
  • 17th-19th February 2015: Three days workshop on “Turnaround strategies and Entrepreneurship” for TYBBI and SYBBI

Implications of the lectures, seminars, training programmes & workshop

  • Students were given an insight into the working of the Banking & Insurance
  • Prepared students for careers in the field of Banking &
  • Working knowledge of factory
  • Students were given guidance on higher education
  • Students participated in the IRDA
  • Students learnt Teamwork , organize seminars and
  • Students learnt presentation skills