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St. Andrew’s College, where Talent meets Platforms.


St Andrew’s College has always had an ever flowing river of talent. From dance to drama and stand up as
well as art, we have it all. We at Andrews decided that this sort of talent needed to be appreciated on a
larger platform. Something needed to be done. Hence came the idea of starting a talent hub. A platform
where ever kind of talent would be displayed and appreciated.

On Tuesday, 11th February 2020 at 9.00 a.m. the campus came alive when the voices of the comperes,
Ayush and Yash, rumbled throughout the college. With an energetic tone they pulled the crowd
together and gain the undivided attention of the audience.

A burst of cheer erupted when students saw familiar faces of the guests for the morning, Maria Goretti
of the class of ’93, Denzil Dias of the class of ’94, Carl Sequira of the class of ’02, Akshay Uchil and Manoj
Mathews of the class of ’05.

Hearts racing and loud screams erupted at the mere mention of the Z Boys. The Andrean Talent Hub and
its vision to outsource talent was communicated to the eager youth by the CEO of the hub, Mehek Jain.
Principal, Dr. Marie B Fernandes elaborated on how the face of St Andrews is constantly changing due
the efforts of Vice Principal Dr. Desire Gonsalves.

Screams got louder as security cleared a path for the Z Boys who proceeded to line up the stage. The Z
Boys is a boy group that consists of 7 members, Perry, Mavin, Roy, Josh, Sid, Blink, and Gai. Hailing from
7 different countries of the Asian continent, they were each introduced by Sid, who hails from India. As
they performed their hit, No Limit, the crowd sang along to each and every line. From pop to rap songs,
they covered it all, proving that talent once discovered can never be hidden. This venture has proceeded
to broaden horizons for all Andreans, giving them not just a platform but all the support they need.

St Andrews has seen some of the most talented people who began performing at the home grounds
auditorium stage and have now made it big. The Andrean Talent Hub aims to help students reach this
fuller goal in life. Performance after performance, Andreans delivered everything the crowd hoped for.
From Stand Up comedy, to Dance and Singing to Power Lifting, the Andreans have it all covered.

 Written by Rhea D’Souza