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Everything you need to know about St Andrews College’s Online Flea market.

New beginnings:

Andrean Attic is an amalgamation of budding entrepreneurs of St Andrews College : of the students, for the students.

St.Andrew’s College is well known for its calibre and distinction amongst renowned institutions of India, whether it is academic excellence or extracurricular activities, enabling the all round holistic development of its students.

In 2021, Andrean Attic celebrated its first launch year enabling student entrepreneurs – small business owners by giving them a platform for their craft.

Due to COVID-19 many small businesses were adversely affected, including those who needed the most support.

St.Andrew’s recognized the need and importance of a platform that not only recognised the potential and dedication of its students and Alumni but also brought them together as a community in these uncertain times; hence Andrean Attic was conceived. The simple yet catchy term ‘Andrean Attic’ was coined by Fleur Fernandes (member of the external PR Team).

Building a strong foundation.

(Courtesy: David Jayaprakash, Preying Praying Mantis)

Student vendors were educated about the importance of organising web assets, maintaining customer records and how to utilise the resources provided by the college. 

Emphasis on the importance of learning and gaining experience as a future entrepreneur were laid down. Student vendors offered a wide range of handicrafts from Jewellery to Masks, Baked treats to Personalised keychains, Aesthetic paintings to Clothing made of crochet! Every vendor was provided with form links of the specially curated product catalogs that eased the payment process.

Students quickly adapted to the benefits of the platform. Consumers found it much easier to interact with vendors and choose the product of their liking and the sales were immensely boosted due to this purpose.

Images of Individual Vendor products were also put up on Instagram with defining and appealing captions by the Content Writing Team .

Why support small businesses?

(Courtesy:Adriel ,Customised Resin Jewellery)

(Courtesy:Leanne D’souza, Lee Bakes)

Small businesses not only provide quality products at pocket friendly affordable prices but also pour a lot of love and hard work into the finished product. After all, who doesn’t like handwritten notes and products that extend from one heart to the other?

The ongoing pandemic led to many small businesses shutting down or buried under the issue of no acknowledgement or support. Andrean Attic gave many small business owners the platform and voice for their products to reach a wider audience through their huge following on Instagram.

WhatsApp broadcasts through class groups ,Instagram stories and word of mouth were the many ways the message was circulated in social groups. This enhanced the number of participants (Vendors) and increased the already keen attention of Andrean and Non Andrean consumers alike.

Ensuring customer safety and satisfaction.

(Courtesy :Vishal Gohil, Artomization)

(Courtesy,Denver Nazareth)

We believe that our customers are our partners on our path to success, hence consumer satisfaction was our utmost priority. The products were sanitised, sealed and delivered from the vendor’s home to yours – no third party interaction in between.

Customers could contact vendors at any time for any queries. They could also contact the Social Media team on Instagram to help them navigate any hindrances.

Featuring : Top Student entrepreneur and their products!

The top best selling member who garnered the most sales and interactions on their form links.

  1. Best Selling Vendor And Winner!

Vii Crochet by Victoria Fernandes

(Courtesy: Victoria Fernandes,Vii Crochet)

Vii Crochet was the highlight of this year’s Andrean Attic launch with the highest sales and link interaction. A unique blend of crochet and clothing that set a style statement, unique from the others

Behind every successful event, there’s a united team.

(Courtesy :Alexis Alphanso, Alethea Alphanso, Twingredients)

Various departments of our college such as the social media team, content writing team, graphic designing team and the communication team spearheaded the project that led to its success!

As every route to success isn’t linear, we faced challenges as any beginner platform would, but every challenge was faced with spirit and every situation was encountered with a solution.

The social media team was the forefront of Andrean Attic, handling interactions on online platforms such as Instagram. The content writing team introduced the vendors and their products with beautiful, elaborate and sometimes even witty captions that advertised to consumers and described the vision of the vendors.

The graphic designing team created wonderful and defining illustrations and the communications team sustained communication between vendors and consumers and different departments of the institution, making the whole project run a whole lot smoother.

Future of Andrean Attic.

(Courtesy: David Jayaprakash, Flowers in the Bush

In the upcoming years, Andrean Attic is set to soar high new heights, thanks to the hardworking departments of St. Andrew’s College and the wholesome participation of its alumni and students. St. Andrew’s College plans to branch out and extend Andrean Attic to be more inclusive, by associating with Non Andrean business owners.

Andrean Attic is not just an online platform but also the dreams and aspirations of students shaped into reality. The platform not only boosted the sales and morale of small businesses but also brought together students from different departments closer like a tight knit family.

The testimonials of Student vendors are as follows:

(Courtesy : Raelle Daniels,Little Lilli)

Gloria D’silva ,FYJC : “The online flea market is definitely an advantage to both – the seller and the customer. I wish we had more of them. Grateful to St. Andrew’s College for providing this platform!”

Vishal Gohil : “ I had an absolutely wonderful experience this time. It was smooth, it was perfect, it was precise. I had no issues at all. We all have to start somewhere, so why not start at college beginning with your friend circle? One of the best places to start.”

Sanya Dsouza, Ex-Andrean : “It was a great platform for me to showcase my business and gave me the boost of confidence that  was lacking in my business. I would like to thank St. Andrew’s College for giving me such an opportunity and making a big difference in my business”


Valuable lessons learnt:

(Courtesy : Vishal Gohil,Artomization)

A year ago, no one would have believed that the entire world be  restrained in the four walls of their homes and the major success of an online platform such as Andrean Attic would have been possible.

The creation of Andrean Attic symbolises the strength and unity of our students and alumni that sets an example against all odds – even a global pandemic.

Social media laid the foundation for this successful event by lessening distances by bringing Andreans closer than ever. A show of talent and fellowship packed all into one – That’s Andrean Attic for you!

(Courtesy: Erica Coutto, Dot Mandala)

Stephanie Liban Cardoz, FYBA