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Life in the period B.C. or more commonly acknowledged as Before Corona was a much simpler time, may it be for Academic purposes or just in general. The students of St. Andrew’s College have always been brilliant in every aspect of life, from  academics to sports, writing to music, dance to entrepreneurship etc. Students love the college because of the idea it resembles, a prestigious educational institute that not only focuses on academic excellence, but also focuses on cultural as well as sports.

St. Andrew’s College is of the firm opinion that excellence is required in each and every field, and hence an all-rounder education is necessary. Even in the midst of this global pandemic – Covid-19, the college has  managed to be ahead of the competition with ‘Talentine’.  The Public Relations Team has come up with a Digital Talent Hunt Competition, Talentine  that is a combination of the two words, ‘Talent’ and ‘Quarantine’.

The preparation for TALENTINE  began about 2 months prior to the launch of the event. The Public Relations Team ensured that this digital event would be one of a kind. After an  ample amount of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and coordinating, it is finally here! The event will take place over the time period of a month, in which there will be various categories, ensuring that several talented Andreans will be able to apply.

Talentine is a Digital competition that provides a platform for students to showcase their various talents from the comfort of their homes. Talentine is also a massive opportunity for sponsors to reach out and tap into a new audience. The students of St. Andrew’s College follow this imaginary prism of principles, thus inspiring the personality of this event. Talentine will not only provide Writers and Performing Artists a supportive and compelling experience to manifest themselves, but will also help to unmask their talent with the limited resources that they have in their possession during this lockdown. Another key feature of talentine is that it innovates fun and creativity along with excitement and togetherness. Talentine is also a patron for entertainment, especially for Artists, stating that talent is limitless, in the sense, one does not necessarily need a stage to showcase ones’ talent, as it will flourish anywhere, may it be a street or just your living room.

The competition will begin with a Creative Writing competition, namely ‘CoWid – Come on Write it down’, a challenge in which students will be encouraged to write down “micro-tales” expressing how this pandemic followed by this monotonous lockdown has impacted not only their lives, but also the world at large. This will then be followed by various Performing Arts such as singing, dancing and so on… Students will share their talent via videos, which will be received by the Public Relations Team and will then be processed further to be streamed on YouTube and Instagram. The winners for each level of every category will be judged by Artists flourishing in their respective fields, thus making this event a professional one.

Andreans can massively benefit from this event as it provides an opportunity that very few get. Along with a participation certificate, cash prizes will also be given to students, thus helping to motivate them and boost their confidence. The winners of their specific categories as well as remarkable entries will be featured on the official Instagram page of the college, thus providing recognition to its creator. Overall, this event will certainly help boost the career of all its participants.


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Written by Cliff Coutinho