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Is there something special brewing??? You guessed it right!! We are here to introduce something exceptional to you today and provide answers to your curiosity.

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways” ~ Robert Greene

Knowledge is something that never goes in vain, it benefits us throughout our life. But knowledge isn’t bound entirely to books, we as well learn from life lessons and valuable experiences. And Nothing but the T does just that!

NBT-Nothing but the T is a talk show that offers insights from exceptional professional’s lives who belong to distinct fields, strengthening us to face the outside world with persistence and intellect.

It is an initiative carried out by the PR Team of St. Andrew’s College of Arts, Science and Commerce. It is certain that most of us get perturbed when questioned about anything concerning our future or career plans by our relatives or neighbours, and it would be great if we could answer it in a relaxed way.

In these problematic times, where the future is unclear and seems like an unknown path to tread on, we’re sure we all need guidance, to move forward on this undetermined path. The guidance to make a bright future, to take the right decisions in life and to learn from experiences.

Nothing but the T aspires to provide students with easy accessibility to these esteemed professionals, the motivation to move forward and mobilise ambition to its actualisation. It presents knowledge in a unique way, and an exciting perspective. It will help bridge the gap between learners and educators through digital media, and create a community of curious and inquisitive minds.

NBT was formed with the idea of imparting knowledge to curious learners in an easier way and in an intellectual environment.

Unlike other talk shows, NBT doesn’t only focus on entertainment or just acquiring knowledge. It brings out the best of both worlds. With a tinge of gossip and a massive number of life lessons and interesting encounters, it is something that will excite you and encourage you to look to the future with a vibrant perspective.

The core objectives of Nothing but the T are:-

– To share experiences

– To connect with individuals

– To collaborate with enterprises

– To grow an audience

The audience of NBT can be classified as students and anyone who wishes to learn. The vocabulary is informative, conspicuous, intriguing and inquisitive. Students and learners will have the benefit to gain knowledge, insights about the lives of various personalities, with an entertaining talk. With the help of NBT you will have the clarity to make the right decisions and encounter a supportive talk.

When we listen to people speak, we realise that a lot of things seem relatable and we’re all in this together. It isn’t easy for anyone, it’s just that we should learn to understand the concept behind a few things.

NBT- Nothing but the T will air on the 15th of every month on YouTube. We look forward to imparting knowledge in a modern and fun way. It will be beneficial for students and learners to easily understand certain aspects about life, work and many other things. Nothing but the T isn’t limited to only Andreans but anyone who wishes to learn and advance in life. So are you ready to learn and be entertained? I hope you are as NBT will be airing soon!! And we’d love to see you all grow.

While we grow as individuals, let’s take with us our peers and pals, growing together as a society for a better world.

– Glynis Fernandes. SYBAMMC