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It has been roughly a month since Mosaic 2019 wrapped up, however its memories are still fresh in all of our minds. A fest that spanned over four days and encompassed a wide variety of talents and most importantly, gave the youth a wide and open platform to speak their mind.

Photo Credits: Ronan Noronha

Mosaic 2019 was all that it preached to be and more. The four-day cultural festival truly began roughly eight months prior. Mosaic 2019 was a culmination of ideas and dreams. It was a result of hard work and dedication of its core committee and harmony between its organisational committee. Mosaic 2019 accurately depicted the values that St. Andrew’s College imbibes in its students; dedication, responsibility and teamwork are among-st the few.

Photo Credits: Brandon Pinto

Mosaic 2019 saw students from all over Mumbai gathering on the St. Andrew’s campus either to participate in one of the 42 events or to cheer on their fellow teammates. The campus resounded with shouts and cheers of the various students as they took part in friendly competition.

Mosaic 2019: Tell Your Story began with a monumental victory when thousands of people gathered for its launch at The Dublin Square at Phoenix Market City, Kurla. The event, sponsored by Tonesbox, an event company in celebration of World Music Day 2019, had well-known artists like Naezy and Zaeden headlining it.

Photo Credits: Pushpak Dsilva

Many students from St. Andrews College put up exceptional performances that had the massive audience up on their feet constantly, while cheering the performers and chanting the Mosaic Slogan ‘Udna Banta Hain’. A successful event of that enormity only proves the amount of dedication and teamwork that is the embodiment of Andrean spirit and values. The volunteers worked day and night to make Mosaic 2019 what it was.

Photo Credits: Pushpak Dsilva

The organizing committee of Mosaic 2019 presented to all its attendees, days of fun and a lot more exciting events. Mosaic 2019 was mammothian and we can only wait in anticipation to what it’s successors will bring to the table in the following years.