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Ethics and Society: 2011

Table of Contents

  1. Creating Oasis of Peace and Harmony – Cardinal Paul Poupard.
  2. Interreligious Harmony for the Promotion of Civilisation of PeaceArchbishop Felix Machado.
  3. Clean Drinking Water For AllAdv. Giuseppe Musumeci.
  4. Water – The Essence of our ExistenceScientist Niranjan Biligi.
  5. Water Resources In IndiaDr. D. K. Sankaran
  6. A Torrent of Signification in Water Stories – Factual and MysticalDr. Marie Fernandes
  7. An Enquiry into Water from an Inter-religious, Inter-cultural and Inter-disciplinary Perspective – Dr. Sr. Teresa Joseph
  8. Water in Interreligious PerspectiveDr. Fr. Leo D. Lefeb – re
  9. Sacredness of Water in the Hindu Tradition – Dr. Kala Acharya
  10. Sacredness of WaterDr. Lalita Namjoshi
  11. Water: An Islamic PerspectiveZuhair Nathani
  12. Significance of Water in Islam – Zarina Tajani
  13. Water: A Bio-Psycho-Social Construct – Dr. Avinash De Sousa
  14. Hindu Perspective on Water – Case Study of River Ganga  – Prof. Jyoti Bhatia
  15. Hindu Perspective on Water – Elcy Pinto
  16. Le Partage de la Table dans le Monde Juif : Histoire et IdentitéDr. Dan Jaffé
  17. Meals and Celebrations in Asian CulturesDr. S. M. Michael svd
  18. Anthropological and Culinary Customs of Some of the Major Religions in India – Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christian ReligionDr. Marie Fernandes
  19. Boire et Manger en MéditerranéePaul Balta
  20. Cardinal Paul Poupard -2011 Content page
  21. Cardinal Paul Poupard -2011 About editors and contributors