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Ethics and Society: An International Journal religions and cultures for peace and Harmony 2009


Table of Contents


  1. Religions & Cultures for Peace & HarmonyPaul Cardinal Poupard.
  2. Religions & Cultures for Peace & HarmonyHis Eminence, Oswald Cardinal Gracias.
  3. Promoting Harmony in Society and Peace in the WorldArchbishop Felix A. Machado.
  4. The Need to Foster Inter-Religious Tolerance among YouthDr. Marie Fernandes.
  5. Dialogue and Culture for Mission and Proclamation in AsiaRev. Dr. Gilbert de Lima.
  6. Implications of Karma & Rebirth for Intercultural & Interreligious Dialogue in IndiaRev. Dr. S. M. Michael SVD.
  7. Is There a Specifically Christian Morality?Rev. Dr. Soosai Arokiasamy S.J.
  8. The Focolare Movement experience of Interreligious Dialogue in AsiaRoberto Catalano.
  9. The Way of Integration through Dialogue of Faith and Culture in Asia : The Case of the Syro- Malabar Church of the Saint Thomas Christians of India  – Rev. Dr. Paulachan Kochappilly,CMI.
  10. The Uniqueness of Christ in the Asian Context of Religious Pluralism: Challenges and Pastoral SolutionsRev. Dr. Jacob Parappally MSFS.
  11. The Necessity of Inter-religious and Inter-cultural Dialogue to Promote the Common Good in Asia Rev. Sr. Dr. Teresa Joseph fma.
  12. The Crucial Role of Women in Fostering Inter-Religious and Inter-Cultural Dialogue In The Asian ContextRev. Sr. Dr. Virginia Rajakumari Sandiyagu, SAB.
  13. Biblical Evidence for Dialogue with Cultures and Religions in AsiaRev. Dr. Shaji Joseph Puykunnel SDB.
  14. Paul Poupard Journal Nov 2009 content page
  15. Paul Poupard Journal Nov 2009 About authors and contributors

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