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          St. Andrew’s College – Staff with Ph.D. Degree



Name of Faculty Designation Department
1. Dr. Marie Fernandes Principal English
2. Dr. Susan Lobo Associate Professor English
3. Dr. Preeti Oza Assistant Professor English
4. Dr. Kashmira Mody Professor Economics
5. Dr. Shirly K. Abraham Associate Professor Sociology
6. Dr. Vatika Sibal Associate Professor Sociology
7. Dr. Harmeet Haur Bhasin Associate Professor Commerce
8. Dr. Jyoti Bhatia Assistant Professor Accountancy
9. Dr. Priya Shahi Assistant Professor Mathematics
10. Dr. Sharon Gonsalves Durham Assistant Professor B.M.S.
11. Dr. Shirley Gladwin Assistant Professor B.Com.(B&I)
12. Dr. Sujata Rajpurkar Associate Professor Librarian
13. Dr. Madhu Rai Assistant Professor Psychology (retired September, 2019)
14. Dr. Desiree Gonsalves Associate Professor Commerce (retired September 2020)
15. Dr. Graciella Tavares Associate Professor Business Economics (retired April 2021)
16. Dr. Amelia Correa Associate Professor Economics (retired November 2021)
17. Dr. Charmaine Braganza Associate Professor Commerce (retired June 2022)


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