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St. Andrew’s Model United Nations 2.0


The SMUN Conference began with an Opening Ceremony in which our Vice-Principal  Dr. Charmaine Braganza provided an insight about SAMUN. Our Secretary General, Sanjay Prajapa, then welcomed all the Executive Board members and the delegates to the conference. The First Session of the UNSC started at 10:00 am with the delegate of Pakistan accusing India of illegally acquiring Kashmir and denying the people human rights. Pakistan believed that if they controlled Kashmir, they would be able to do better things for the people. The delegate of Germany raised the Indo-China border issue and defended USA sending troops to Middle East to curb terrorism, while China accused it of the same. The delegate of the UK made a suggestion to replace US troops with UN troops. China believed that investing in the Middle East would help them economically while Germany opposed it, saying that China only wanted to exploit its resources. China also proposed a treaty to Asian countries to form an Asian Union to have better understanding and cooperation among them. Germany believed that China would only use this to emerge as a superpower, which was denied by China. A motion was put forward for the GSL i.e General Speaker List, by China to “Discuss the current agenda of the committee”. Vietnam came up with the issue of the South-China sea, where China claimed it to be theirs and thus, had increased military security near it. Palestine highlighted the border issue between Israel and itself and hoped that the UN would take up this issue and include them in the discussions.

The motion of the second module was put forth by Germany regarding the illegal entry of refugees in Germany. The fourth session began with the delegates presenting their working papers. The delegate of China explained the working paper to the executive board and the other delegates. The second paper was presented by the delegates of the UK and Vietnam. After that, the voting for resolutions began. After voting, the resolution was passed in favour of Working Paper 1.1.

The 1st session of UNHRC began by a motion raised by the delegate of the USA on- “Guiding the security of the country while accepting refugees”. These animated discussions saw the USA explaining that their country goes through a process of screenings and other procedures for security, and preserving rights. This was followed by energetic cross-questioning but the delegate of the USA was articulate and confident with her views and points. The Somalia delegate raised a  great point that, “Youth is a major part, ignoring them is not favorable”. The same delegate also threw some light on the difference between migrants and refugees and stated, “We believe in enhancing skills and giving a ray of hope to refugees”.

A question was put up by the Executive board to the delegate of the USA countering her stance that there is no discrimination in their country, but still it was visible in the case of GEORGE FLOYD.

The other sessions also took interesting turns on topics such as “Creating awareness for Citizenship Rights to Refugees, making them aware of their rights.”

The 3rd session was started by the delegate of DRC putting forward the motion, “Resolution to develop policies allowing refugees an alternative means to attain citizenship for refugees”. This created some friction between the USA and CONGO delegates. Saudi Arabia took charge of the discussion, his country from the accusation of promoting cruelty, having cruel and inhuman laws. The last motion was by the USA on “REFUGEE WOMEN”. All the nations’ delegates were sensitive and practical. The Executive offered many views regarding refugees and affirmative action. Before the final session ended, the Executive board members emphasised the importance of, “living in a peaceful world, having comprehensive brotherhood”.

The SMUN conference enabled the delegates to learn new things about the world and expand their world-view. Although the conference happened virtually, it was an important step toward becoming global citizens. The wonderful EB members generously and patiently handled the meet and their immense knowledge provided a steady stream of interesting facts for the delegates. Dr. Preeti Oza gave the concluding speech at the closing ceremony. The Executive board also spoke a few words, the winners for all the committees were declared and the session officially ended with a closing declaration.

Students In-Charge:

Sanjay Praiapat (SY-BBI)
Christina D’ souza (SY-BA)
Kevin Joe Praveen (SY-BBI)

Professors In-Charge:

Dr. Charmaine Braganza,
Vice Principal
Dr. Preeti Oza