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Ruminations: The Andrean Journal of Literature 2013


Table of Content

  1. Myth and Cult in LiteratureMarie Fernandes
  2. The Myth of India in History, the American Classroom, and Indian-American FictionDorothy M. Figueira
  3. The Fictionalised Life of Alexander the Great in the Novels of Valerio Massimo ManfrediShreya Chatterji
  4. Greek Mythology in English Literature Harry Potter’s Greek ConnectionSugandha Indulkar
  5. Mythological Exploration in the Thousand Faces of Night, Where Shall We Go This Summer and A Matter of TimeAmbreen Safder Kharbe
  6. Problematizing R.K.Narayan’s Use of Myth in the Man-Eater of MalgudiLakshmi Muthukumar
  7. The Archetypal LaxmanRekha in Rama Mehta’s ‘Inside the Haveli’Muktaja V. Mathkri
  8. Mythicising Women who make a Choice :  A Prerogative of the Indian Collective Unconscious to Demarcate Modesty and Right Conduct for WomenShyaonti Talwar
  9. Mythic reworkings in Girish Karnad’s Yayati and The Fire and the RainShushila Vijayakumar
  10. Being Draupadi – Three Takes …Titiksha Urman Dhruv
  11. Arun Kolatkar’s Yeshwant Rao: A Stylistic View of the Mythical Text Uddhav A. Ashturkar 
  12. The Reworking of the Hero Myth in the Lost Steps Priya Joseph
  13. Recovering Black Women’s Subjectivity Through Reconstructed Myths in Toni Morrison’s FictionSindhu Sara Thomas
  14. Mythical Cycles and Postcolonial Dreams, Contextualizing the Kaleidoscope of Ben Okri’s Magical RealismKaustav Kundu
  15. Resurgence of Myths and Legends in Contemporary Literature of Indian English in an Emergent IndiaShalini R. Sinha
  16. “Damsel in Shining Armor” & “Knight in Distress” – Role Reversal of Mythical Gender Archetypes in Shakespearean ComediesNazua Idris
  17. The Rival Religion of Ted HughesRaj K. Dhar
  18. Lost Eden – Springboard to tell the Story of Another FallKamala Gopalan
  19. Myths Then and Today:  An Analysis of the (Re)Creation of the Mahabharata by Women WritersKriti Y. Nakhare
  20. The Need for an Integrative Model of Myth Making (A Viewpoint)Dr. Avinash Desousa
  21. Listening the Unheeded Women, Appropriating and Re telling Myths of Maddened Cassandra and Murderous MedeaShaweta Nanda
  22. Myths of the Origin of Language in World MythologiesShilpagauri Prasad Ganpule
  23. Dr. Brian Weiss’s Many Lives Many Masters and Only Love Is Real A Contemporary Re-invocation of the Reincarnation Myth in LiteratureShimi M Doley
  24. Nathuram Godse in Perspectives The Cult of an Assassin in the Indian English WritingsAbdul Hameed P. A. (Abdullah Abdul Hameed)
  25. Myths and Legends from Netherworld in Mamang Dai’s Novel The Legends of PensamBiju M. A.
  26. Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the Internet The Myth of Transformation and the Cult of the Personality in Blogs Sucharita Sarkar
  27. The Bacchae of Euripides, A Communion Rite Bi o s’enia, imale o si: If humanity were not, the gods would not beSuchetana Banerjee 
  28. Our Mother ground Seamus Heaney’s use of Myth in Wintering out and North

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