Ethics and Society: An International Journal Religions and Cultures for Peace and Harmony

PISSN: 2250 – 3331

Ethics and Society: An International Journal religions and cultures for peace and Harmony
Cardinal Paul Poupard Foundation Chair of Inter-religious & Inter-cultural Dialogue,
St. Andrew’s College Publication.
Publishing continually since – 2009

PISSN: 2250–3331

 PISSN: 2250 – 3331

‘Ethics and Society: An International Journal Religions and Cultures for Peace and Harmony’ is the first peer-reviewed international journal started by St. Andrew’s College with the chair of UNESCO and in the association of ‘Cardinal Paul Poupard Foundation chair of Inter-religious & Inter-cultural Dialogue in the year 2009. It is an annual publication that reports the deliberations that take place in order to foster religious and social harmony and to promote national integration. The main aim of the journal is to publish articles, reviews and informed discussions on inter-cultural and inter–religious dialogues. The journal welcomes original papers from both academicians and practitioners dealing with inter-cultural and inter–religious dialogues. All the articles published in this journal are peer-reviewed by the subject experts before publication.

1) Archbishop Felix Machado: Archbishop of Vasai Diocese, Ex-officio Cardinal Paul Poupard Foundation Chair for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue

 2) Adv. Giuseppe Musumeci: President of the Cardinal Paul Poupard Foundation, Chair Holder of the UNESCO Chair for Inter-Religious and Inter- Cultural Dialogue, co-founder of the Centre for Mediation, Kinshasa, recognised by the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2018.

 3) Rev. Dr. Stephen Fernandes: Member of the office of the Papal Nuncio in Delhi, Member and Consultant, International Association of Catholic Bioethicists (IACB), Toronto, Secretary, Permanent Diaconate Programme, Archdiocese of Bombay.

4)  Dr. Marie Fernandes:  Principal of St. Andrew’s College, Mumbai,  member of the Academic Council, University of Mumbai.

5)  Prof. Francesco Florian: Partner, Notary’s Office of Paolo De Martinis, counsel to Legalitax, (Law and Tax) firm, and lecturer in Cultural Heritage Legislation at the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. Secretary of the Board of Directors of CERBA, (European Centre for Advanced Biomedical Research Foundation),

6) Janine Coelho: Assistant Professor of History,  St. Andrew’s College, Mumbai

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Submission of Manuscript

All correspondence regarding manuscript submission should be addressed to the ‘Chief Editor, Principal, St. Andrew’s College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Bandra (W). All articles should be original and unpublished. Contributors must provide their designation, institute affiliation and complete mailing address on their paper. Author/s should submit plagiarism check report with the manuscript to the editor. The corresponding author will receive a link for the copyright declaration form once a contribution is accepted for publication. The submission will be considered as final once the author/s submits the copyright form.

Basic Formatting of the Manuscript

All articles should be submitted using only Times New Roman in Microsoft word format and text of the article should be in font size 12, with headings in font size 14 in bold. Subheadings should be made bold in font size 12. Line spacing must be 1.5 in the text and margin must be one inch throughout. The word limit for the article should not be more than 3000, all articles must accompanied by an abstract of 250 words and up to six keywords. All illustrations, diagrams and tables are to be referred to as “Figures” and numbered according to their sequence in the text. Source for figures and tables should be mentioned wherever applicable. All acronyms and abbreviations should be explained in full the first time they appear in text.


All the references for social science must be in APA (6 th edition) style of references. All the references for language and literature must be in MLA style of references.

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