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St. Andrew’s College – Public Relations Cell

The St. Andrew’s Public Relations team for the Academic Year 2019 – 2020 was put together by vice principal – Dr. Desiree Gonsalves to build a brand image for St. Andrew’s college.

Setting the Foundation for St. Andrew’s College

The Public Relation Team (PR Cell) was started by our respected Vice-Principal – Dr. Desiree Gonsalves with the primary objective of expressing the life at St. Andrew’s College.

The main goal was initially to setup in order to build an image of the college and build a cohesive team that will handle the all the activites of a PR Team.

The People behind the PR Activities of our College

The St. Andrew’s PR Team is setup with the main objective of maintaining a positive reputation of the #BrandAndrews and maintain a strategic relationship with the students,  parents, staff and prospective partners, and build a positive image of our college.

Achivements of the PR Team

Right from it’s beginning, the PR Team have been working on various activites for the college, in order to craft a succesful brand image of the college and provide service to prospects internally and externally for St. Andrew’s College.

The Public Relations Team at St. Andrew’s College has achived the Following: –


  • 360 Virtual Tour – 26/5/19
  • Successful Website Launch – 27/6/19
  • Social Media Re-vamp (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube) – 11/7/19
  • Hitting 1,000 Followers on Instagram 14/7/19

The new team initially came together after the college saw the need to re-vamp the college website. A BMS student (Brian Aranha) who was in the E-Cell, was at the time working in a startup that helped clients re-brand themselves and also designed websites. He brought it to the notice of Ian Almeida who was heading the following Start-Up and hence after a few briefings with the college, started working on building a new website for St. Andrew’s College.

Team Structure


PR – Head


PR – Head


PR – Head

Core Team Verticals

Want to join us build a Brand for St. Andrew’s College?

Would you like to join us?

We are always striving for the best service possible from our team. If there is something that can help improve our activities and you think you can help us out please leave your email below, We’ll be more than happy to have you aboard.

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