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The St. Andrews College library has been serving its users’ information needs since its inception in 1983. It started with 200 books and currently has a collection of more than 43,000 books.

St. Andrew’s College – Knowledge Center


The St. Andrews College library has been serving its users’ information needs since its inception in 1983. It started with 200 books and currently has a collection of more than 46,000 books. Over the past 38 years it has emerged as a library rich in resources which are required for teaching learning process and for overall development of students and staff of the college. The library, is now fully automated with SLIM 21 Library Management Software.

Library collection includes reference, rare, text and other books, besides periodicals (popular magazines and national and international journals and subject specific audiovisual resources)

The Library is on the ground floor of the college building. It has a total area of 2210 Sq.Mts. It has a spacious reading room with the seating capacity of 138 students and individual reading carrels are provided for the teaching staff.

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MONDAY TO SATURDAY – 7:30 Am. to 5:00 Pm.


  1. To acquire library resources and services in line with the demands of the curriculum and needs of users and to support the mission
    and vision of the College
  2. To provide instruction and assistance in the effective use of learning resources/services and train users in the art of self- education.
  3. To make the library an organisation for curriculum enrichment, lifelong personal development of the pupil and dissemination of
    good literature.
  4. To encourage the formation of a lifetime reading habit for learning, for exploration, and for recreation amongst the students
    and staff and prepare them for responsible leadership.
  5. To act as a scholastic liaison with academic developments and inform faculty and students of the services that library has to offer



Library membership is open to Staff and students of the college.

Guest membership is also available to provide reading facilities for researchers, students and senior citizens.

Alumni pursuing further education can also take membership for reading purposes.

Library Collection

  • Books
  • Rare books
  • Competitive exam books
  • Journal and magazines
  • Newspapers
  • CDs and DVDs
  • College publications
  • Staff and Student publications
  • Reference Books Includes
    • Encyclopedias
    • Dictionaries
    • Atlases and Maps
    • Yearbooks
    • Syllabus
    • Online Resources
    • Newspapers

Library Catalogue


For full bibliographic details of the library collection Click Here



    Important things to remember…

    • Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in the library.
    • Absolute silence is requested in the library.
    • Eatables are not allowed inside the library.
    • Do not sleep in the library.
    • Exchange of I-Card or Library card is not allowed.
    • If any book is lost the borrower is liable to replace it.
    • Users are responsible for the physical condition of the book.
    • Students are allowed to keep library books during the university examination.
    • All book bank books should be returned to the library within two days after the completion of last paper of the university exam.
    • A late fee of Re.1 per day per book shall be charged for those who fail to return the book on the due date.
    • The reading material like reference books / question papers / newspapers / syllabus issued on the Reading Room card should be returned on the same day.
    • Every student is expected to read and follow the instructions displayed on Library notice Board.
  • Library Staff 

    Sujata S. Rajpurkar

    Librarian, M.L.I.Sc., N.E.T

     Shraddha C. Gawade

    Asst. Librarian

    B.A., M.L.I.Sc.


    • Vanessa Dias
    • Bonita Paul
    • Stan Fernandes

    Library Attendants

    • Subhash Gamare
    • Chandrakant Manjrekar
    • Vijay Niwate
    • Sebastian Fargose
    • Sebastian D’mello
    • The scheme is available for economically challenged and deserving students of Degree College i.e. F.Y., S.Y. and T. Y. B.Com. Students.


      Issued books should be returned on or before the due date mentioned in the book. A fine of Re.1/- per day will be charged on the late return or overdue material.

      Sr. No. Category Privileges
      1 Undergraduate students Two Books for the period of eight days.
      2 Postgraduate students and  research scholars Three books for a period of eight days

      In order to offer easy access and hands on experience on the books, open access is provided to the entire library collection. Students are allowed to browse through the shelves and issue the desired book.


      Library catalogue can be accessed through college website by 24/7.


           Updates students about new opportunities in the field of education and employment.

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      Provides current information about day to day happenings to the staff and students.


      Library has a good collection of reference sources such as subject encyclopedias, yearbooks, dictionaries, rare books, Atlases etc. Students can refer these information resources in order to have detail information about the subject of their interest.


      This is on demand service, library users can avail this service to obtain comprehensive bibliography on the subject of their interest.


      A service whereby resource sharing facility provided to the staff and students of the college. Through the inter library borrowing of the library resources from other colleges or from the university.


      This service is provided through library display board and through emails to the staff members of the college.

      • MOODLE – Question paper repository

          Previous years question papers are available for students and staff through Moodle server. Access to Moodle server is provided through college website.


      Indexing of important and relevant journals article provided to the library users.


      Consists of college publications, teachers’ publication, and students’ publication and access to the institutional repository are provided on the intranet of the library.


       Well furnished with the software LINGUAPHONE for conducting language exercises and to improve communication skill. Students of St. Andrew’s can learn and practice English, French and Hindi language word patterns individually.

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       Manages and provides access to collections of audiovisual materials various formats such as CD, VCD, and DVD etc. Students and staff can use this library to support teaching learning process. Students can use this library to watch educational movies.

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      • Contributions to Indian Sociology
      • Indian Economic & Social History Review
      • Indian Journal of Gender Studies
      • Indian literature
      • Media Watch: Journal of Communication (International)
      • New Frontier in Education (International)
      • Psychology & Developing Societies (International)
      • Yojana


      • Asian Management Review
      • Case folio
      • Financial Planning Journal
      • Indian banker
      • Indian Journal of Marketing
      • Journal of Indian Management
      • Seminar
      • USHUS :Journal of Business Management
      • Vikalpa


      • Food Service
      • Science Reporter


      • University news
      • Vikasini



      1 Biblio
      2 Business India.
      3 Business Today
      4 Business World
      5 Career 360
      6 CSR
      7 Digit
      8 Down to Earth
      9 Employment news
      10 Food & Hospitality World
      11 Good Housekeeping
      12 HBR
      13 India Today
      14 One India One people
      15 Outlook
      16 PC Quest
      17 Psychology Today
      18 Readers Digest
      19 Shikshan Sankraman
      20 Sport star
      21 The Economist                    (International)
      22 The Examiner
      23 The Marg
      24 The Rally
      25 The Secular Citizen
      26 The week
      27 Time                                        (International)
      28 VP Dream

    N-List Database

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    Click Here to access e-journals, e-books and e-database through N-List

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