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Activities | 2016 – 17

NAAC evaluation – Prayers were recited in different languages by students seeking blessings for the ensuing NAAC evaluation.

An Orientation session was conducted on 19 July for the first year students to familiarize them with the activities of the Chair.

Presentation competition – The competitions began with a presentation on ‘A Glimpse of Islamic Culture’ staged by SYBA students Asad Shaikh and Mashiyat Khan on 20 July and  22 July, on the topic ‘Status of Women in Various Religions’. Ten students participated, out of which Mikael D’Souza and Rochelle D’Souza won the 1 place, Nikita Das won the 2 place  and Siddhanth Sinha secured the 3 position. They touched upon almost every aspect in Islam

On 13 January, Colors of God competition: ‘Kite-making’ was organized. Jeromi and Sharol won 1st place, the 2nd  place was awarded to Satin and Neville, while Kimberly and Militia obtained the 3 position. All these various competitions helped students understand the core and evolution of different religions.

GUEST LECTURE – On 4 August, we were honored by the presence of Dr. Prashob Koddapully, an eminent psycho-therapist, who conducted an enlightening session on ‘Ethics based on Euthanasia and Religion’.

A critical analysis of the movie – ‘Sarabjit‘, based on secularism, was presented on 12 August by Mikael D’souza, Asad Shaikh and Siddhanth Sinha.

Strings of peace – To spread the message of peace and harmony on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, on 17 August, the interreligious team students were asked to tie ‘Strings of peace’ and write a ‘Peace message’, and drop them in a peace box. The theme was to promote ‘Peace and harmony across all religions and cultures’. Simlyn Jagtap (SYBA) and Selista Mallikal (FYBA) were declared as the winners for the best message.

Visit to church – On the occasion of the feast of the Nativity of Mother Mary on 3 September, students of all faiths visited the Mount Mary Basilica to honor the Mother of God in prayer and thereafter, with great excitement, proceeded to the much awaited fair.

Visit to Ganapati pandals- Students also visited Ganapati pandals on 7 September and Durga Devi pandals on 8 October on occasion of the Navratri festival.

Meditation session-Students attended a Meditation session organized at Global Vipassana Pagoda, a meditation hall in Gorai, on 11 November.

Field Trip – A visit to Elephanta caves was organized on 17th December. The caves are dated between 5 -8 centuries, and rank amongst the most popular tourist attractions in Maharashtra.

The International Symposium was held on 11 February, a platform for discussing modern day issues with religious significance. The topic for this year was “Family and Nation Building”. The chief guest was Archbishop Felix Machado, Bishop of Vasai, who delivered the presidential address. The guest of honor was Dr. Maria Luisa Rossi, Secretary to Consul General of Italy in Mumbai, who delivered His Excellency Ugo Ciarlatani’s message, and the keynote speaker was Dr. Rev. Fr. Rudolf C. Heredia, Founder of the Social Science Center at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Other dignitaries included, Fr. Cajetan D Menezes, Director of the Family Service Center Snehalaya, Dr. Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, Director of Tissue bank at Tata Memorial Hospital, Kapil Devdas, Vice President of ISKON Juhu, Mr. Irfan Engineer, Director of Center for Study of Society and Secularism Mumbai, who voiced their opinions and perspectives on the topic. Siddhanth Sinha (T.Y.B.Com) and Kelly Waller (T.Y.B.A) also participated in the panel discussion.

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