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UNESCO Chair of Inter-Religious & Inter-Cultural Dialogue

International Symposium 2021-2022

Leaving No One Behind: Water & Inequalities | Part – 2

St. Andrew’s College, Bandra

The conference commenced with the Master of Ceremonies Ashely Rego introducing the theme for the symposium “Leaving No One Behind: Water and Inequalities part II”

A complex combination of pomp and grace performance of beautiful prayer dance . In addition to which the lighting of the lamp took place to indicate that the conference had begun.

Our dynamic principal Dr. Marie Fernandes followed up on our gracious beginnings by the introduction of our Chief Guest His Eminence, Cardinal Oswald Gracias and other delegates.

The UNESCO Chair Holder, Adv.Giuseppe Musumecci, provided a few words of wisdom , which were well received by the viewers.His words provided the necessary motivation required to pace forth with the conference.

Furthermore, the conference saw His Eminence, Cardinal Oswald Gracias as a beacon of deep understanding , furnishing the audience in order for smooth proceedings throughout the conference.

In addition to which, the Guest of Honour President of the UNESCO Council of Intergovernmental Hydrological Program (IHP) Mr. Fadi Comair Addressed the conference by providing insight into his tenure as the President of the UNESCO Council of IHP.

‘Handling of COVID 19 Pandemic’ , a topic by Mr. I. S Chahal IAS – Municipal Commissioner Mumbai , provided the audience with in-depth information regarding the current state of affairs surrounding the Pandemic in Mumbai.

As the conference paced forth, the Associate Programme Specialist, Hydrology, UNESCO Dr. Alexander Otte and Aurelien Dumont  explained the features of Hydrology in addition to how it plays into his position as associate programme specialist at UNESCO .

Following up with Transboundary Aquifers, Climate Changes and Sustainable Development” the conference saw Mr. Jean Louis Oliver – General Secretary of Water Academy, Paris . Mr.Oliver provided useful insight into the world of environmental preservation and sustainable development .

In order to provide a deeper understanding into the topic Integrated Water Resource Development and Management – Case Study Maharashtra, this conference saw Dr. Vidyanand Ranade, Retired Secretary, Water Resource Dept. Govt. of Maharashtra, India .The topic of water resource management was of dire importance.

Dr. Bobby P. Mathew from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai explained the importance of Impact of Sea-Level Rise on Sea Water Intrusion in Coastal GroundWater Systems, its causes and consequences on the groundwater system.

With the conference moving forward, we saw Mr. Anil Patil, the Chairman of Maharashtra Vikas Kendra, Pune speaking on “Raising Water Awareness”. Mr. Patil explained and urged to raise awareness towards critical water issues, proper use and management of water and reducing wastage of water. 

Up next was the Professor of Dogmatic Theology at St. Pius X College, Goregaon, Mumbai, Dr. Fr. Gilbert de Lima who provided us with a detailed insight on empowering special children and youth for an inclusive society explaining the importance and ways of inclusion of special children in the society.

Following that, Dr. Fr. S.M. Michael, Director, Institute of Indian Culture talked about an innovative initiative “Hope on Wheels: Leaving Nobody Behind”. Fr. Michael and his team took the initiative to provide proper basic education to the children in slums on a transport bus. 

The last speaker of the conference, Dr. Lidwin Dias, College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan enlightened us with the “Inclusive Social Work Practice”. Her work focussed on the initiatives taken by the College of Social Work, Nirmala NIketan for the last 65 years in launching more than 50 different action projects focussed on working with vulnerable and marginalized communities towards their empowerment.

And finally, the conference ended with the warm vote of thanks by the Secretary of UNESCO Chair of St. Andrew’s College , Prof. Sharmila Dhote.