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Similar to the Flea Market held in the month of July, a Christmas Bazaar was set up as Christmas was round the corner and people would love to do some Christmas shopping.

The same day, the Senior College had its Convocation Ceremony for the  ex students of Class 2019, Christmas Party for the Senior College and Traditional Day for the Junior College students.

Date : 21 st December, 2019.
Time : 9 A. M.
Duration : 6 Hours.
Venue : Near Parking Area, Outside the Chapel, Lobby Area opposite the Library and Principal Cabin and College Office, Basketball Court.
Participants : 12 stalls were set up to entertain 1000+ audience.


Students have exceptional talents imbibed in them. Whether it’s making food, artwork, ornaments, clothes, etc. Thus, the Andrean E Cell organised a Flea Market on the Orientation Day for Degree Students. The motive behind organising this was to encourage students to transform their talent and skills into businesses.
Requirements were provided to the students for setting up stalls. As mentioned earlier, it was the Orientation Day for the Degree Students of our college, the target audience were the students as well as their parents. The participants took great advantage of this and made great sales.
Date : 27 th July, 2019.
Time : 9 A. M. Onwards.
Duration : 4 Hours.
Venue : Lobby Area, Outside G1 and College Chapel, Ground Floor, Main Building.
No. Of Participants : 13 Stalls by 12 Representatives to entertain 400+ audience


Ex – Andrean, B. A. Class of 1992 and Multi Talented Personality Maria Goretti gave a visit to the college to give talks about her journey of being multi talented, ranging from being a Chef, Actress, Producer, Director, Diver, a Supermom to her kids and Wife to Actor Arshad Warsi, and many more; thus inspiring students to take up the will and do what’s in their interest.

Date : 14 th September, 2019.
Time : 11 A. M.
Duration : 2 Hours.
Venue : A. V. Room.
No. Of Participants : 98 Participants as Audience.


Co – Founder of ‘Dentsu WebChutney’ and Author of ‘how I almost blew it’, Sidharth Rao shares his
experience on venturing into Start-ups, the ups and downs of it, and how ‘WebChutney’ reached to the
top level. His experience blew up the minds of the students present for the talk.

Date : 20th September, 2019.
Time : 11 A. M.
Duration : 2 Hours.
Venue : A. V. Room.
No. Of Participants : 160 Participants as Audience.


The Official Andrean Merchandise was unveiled and inaugurated by the Principal Dr. Marie Fernandes, Vice Of the Self Finance Faculty Dr. Melanie D’souza and Vice Principal of the Degree Faculty and Professor incharge of the Entrepreneurship Cell Dr. Desiree Gonsalves.

The Cell launched products ranging
from Hoodies, T-Shirts, Caps, Mugs, Flasks to Diaries, Pens, Bag Tags & Vehicle Stickers.
For more details, jump to the main page of the Merchandise.

Date : 11 th December, 2019.
Time : 9:15 A. M.
Duration : 1 Hour.
Venue : Lobby Area, Outside G1, adjoining to the Stairs.
No. Of. Participants : The whole college as the audience.


For the First Time in the History of St. Andrew’s, a live – streaming quiz was held.
The Kahoot (an online quiz playing mode) was used for this Quiz Competition.
Based on the Entrepreneurial World, students had to answer the questions put up on the Screen, through their phones. In between, 2 questions were asked to the audience through the live stream and whoever rushed to the allotted place, wins the prize.

The quiz was hosted by Mark Fernandes of SYBCOM A.
Date : 21 st August, 2019.
Time : 11:30 A. M.
Duration : 2 Hours.
Venue : L10, 4 th Floor, Main Building.
No. Of Participants : 9 Teams, 2 participants in each team to entertain 500+ audience.
Winners : Rhiannon Desouza &; Josiah Noronha (both of FYBAF)
Runner Ups : Stefan Joseph Shaji (TYBCOM C) &; Anam Iqbal Merchant


Another Fun activity was organised by the Cell, students in a group had to perform tasks related to Business, Environment and Social Bonding. Additionally, Word games were also played by the participants. They had to perform all of the tasks in and around the college within a radius of 500 metres, in a given stipulated time or
less. Whoever finishes with maximum amount of money earned through the tasks wins the Competition.

Date : 30 th August, 2019.
Time : 11:30 A. M.
Duration : 3 hours.
Venue : St. Andrew’s College Campus (source and destination) and outside within a radius of 500 metres (near St. Peter’s Church, St. Dominic Road, Holy Family Hospital, Almeida Park).
No. Of Participants : 9 teams, 44 Participants to entertain 100+ audience.
Winners : Aldrin Lobo, Altamash Chandiwala, Siddhi Gore, Supriya
Karkera and Tejus Dalvi (all are of FYBSCIT).

1 st Runner Ups : Angus Lobo, Barmby Fernandes, Dylan Sequeira, Sheehan
Saldanha (all of SYBCOM C) & Neil D’souza (TYBCOM). 

2 nd Runner Ups : Chrisann Faria, Cidell Pereira, Joswita D’souza, Keon Carvalho (all of SYBCOM B) & Chelsea Fernandes (SYBCOM C)

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