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St Andrew’s College formally launched its Alumni under the title St. Andrew’s College Alumni (SACA) on 14 October, 2006 with the formation of an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee held its first meeting on 11 November, 2006 to adopt the constitution and to elect its office bearers. At this meeting the constitution was adopted. A dedicated alumni website has been set up at :  

Ex- students of our college are invited to be a part of the alumni by registering as members. Membership to the alumni is open to:

  1. Any past student of St. Andrew’s College, Bandra who has kept terms for not less than two academic years, and whose name is not on the current rolls of the students of the college;
  2. Any graduate from St. Andrew’s College, Bandra;
  3. Any past or present member of the teaching staff of St. Andrew’s College, Bandra;

Membership fees are as follows:

  • Life Member – shall subscribe Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty Only (Rs. 250/-) in one installment. However students who have passed in the latest academic year shall be eligible to pay Rs. 150/- (Rupees One Hundred and Fifty Only) till the end of the subsequent academic year.
  • Patron Member – shall subscribe an amount of Rs. Five Thousand only (Rs. 5,000/-). A Patron Member converting from Life Membership shall pay the difference between the Patron Membership and Life Membership fee.
  • Honorary Member – includes the Trustee, Principal, Dean and any individual designated by the Principal.

For registration as members, ex – students should contact
Prof. Kevin Miranda on 022 26401657 / 2642 8684 or 9820 881640
Registration can also be done by downloading the form and sending it duly filled in along with the cheque for the membership fees to the following:
Prof. Kevin Miranda
St. Andrew’s College Alumni
C/o St. Andrew’s College of Arts, Science & Commerce
St. Dominic Road, Bandra, Mumbai 400 050
Note: Cheques must be drawn in favour of St. Andrew’s College Alumni

Alumni Meet Report 2015-16

“When Alumni come together, they can do so much”.  After much sitting and planning and exchange of views and ideas, St. Andrew’s College Alumni (SACA) MC Members along with the two professors in charge, Prof. Kevin Miranda and Prof. Savina Bhat, and Respected Principal, Dr. Marie Fernandes, with all enthusiasm came up with a brilliant idea of organizing a never before event; the ALUMNI MEET over High Tea, on Tuesday, 26th January 2016 being Republic Day too.  Alumni from far and near marked their presence in large numbers with a warm smile on their faces.
It was a cool and pleasant January morning with the winter chill still in the air, one could see the Indian flag erected high just outside the college building, waiting to be hoisted.  Most of us came in dressed in colorful traditional Indian outfits and greeted each other as we walked in.  Without further delay, we began the Alumni Meet with the Hoisting of the Flag and singing of the National Anthem, and to do the honor was none other than Pricipal, Dr. Marie Fernandes.  Soon thereafter, SACA MC Member, Mr. Bento Lobo, our Master of Ceremonies (also known as an MC or emcee) was the official host for this grand  meet. He took off the flow of events very gracefully by doing an excellent job in introducing the speakers, making announcements and engaged with the audience to keep the agenda flowing as smoothly as possible. He took to the stage with full enthusiasm.  We began the program with the Kathak Dance by Robin Wij, followed by a speech by Dr. Marie Fernandes who very kindly made it a point to invite all the SACA MC Members on stage and introduced each one of us to our fellow ex-Andreans’ and professors of the college. This followed a PowerPoint Presentation on the growth, development and progress of the college.  Everyone gave their listening ear and paid careful attention to the presentation.  During this time, cups of hot tea and coffee were being served along with a mouth-watering snack boxes.  This followed by a beautiful and graceful dance performance by Tanisha Sharma.  Tanisha, we got to know, has done very well for herself and has made our college proud.  She was the finalist for Bombay Dying Fresh Face and the First Runner Up.  Further we were told that next year she will be participating in the Miss India Contest.  Most of us were truly taken by surprise and loudly applauded for her.  Tanisha, at this junction our prayers and best wishes are with you.  Way to go Girl!!!  In between the program, Mr. Bento Lobo kept announcing spot prizes. Our Alumnis were quizzed on questions pertaining to St. Andrew’s College, from the time of its foundation to what it is today. SACA MC Members Coretta D’Souza and Reshma D’Souza, both did the honor of giving away the prizes to the winners.  One could hear laughter and giggles, everyone truly enjoying themselves and participating wholeheartedly.  This followed sharing of old memories right from the oldest to the very latest batch mates.  To do so we had Suresh and Elaine, Jasmine and Russel, Derrick, Pio, Judith who sportingly came forward without prior intimation to speak.  This was spontaneously done, though some were funny, some were witty.  It kept us all in splits of laughter.  Yet a few others spoke their hearts out and their fond memories at St. Andrew’s College.  We continued the program with yet another dance performance.  This time it was a Lavni dance performance by Divya.  This followed by a dance performance by Russel Baptista from Dance Vance Academy who added a lot of rhythm to the crowd.  Soon one could see the everyone on the dance floor.  All thanks go out to our very own SACA MC Member, Mr. Brian Menezes who without hesitation, reaches out to us with for his brilliant and mesmerizing Sound and Music which was systematically set up the previous evening to make sure all goes well and nothing is left unattended to. The music truly kept us glued to the dance floor with the toe-tapping music.  By now, everyone left their seats and came on to the dance floor, dancing their hearts out.  All thanks goes out the Mr. Bento Lobo who so willingly took the initiative of personally sending out e-mails, SMSs to as many ex-Andreans’ he could reach out to, inviting them for this ALUMNI MEET.  The decoration and snack boxes was very well arranged by our SACA President, Mr. Parvez Aga and Mr. Deepak D’Souza.  The gifts for the spot prizes were well co-ordinated and arranged by Coretta and Reshma. A big ‘Thank You’ goes out to Prof. Kevin Miranda and Prof. Savina Bhat who worked tirelessly and wholeheartedly in all aspects, from co-ordinating and tapping the performers, ex-students, staff and professors.  Not to forget the three BMS students, Andrea Mendes, Osvita Soares and Feanna Fernandes who reached out to us and gave us their full support in meticulously managing the Registration Desk at the entrance of the college.  Many thanks also to the Security Staff who did a fabulous job in seeing that all goes well right through the event.  On behalf of the SACA MC Members, I extend a deep sense of gratitude to Principal, Dr. Marie Fernandes and Rector, Fr. Aniceto Pereira for supporting us wholeheartedly in making this ALUMNI Meet a grand success.

Football Tournament: St. Andrew’s College Team v/s St. Andrews College Alumni

A football match between the Current College team and the Ex-students of the College was organized by coach Sydney on Thursday, 24th September 2015  at 01.30 pm on the school ground.
On arrival, SACA MC members were very happy to see both the teams warming up and gearing up for the match.  College students came in to watch the game.  Sooner or later, we had a big crowd of onlookers who stopped by to watch the game.  The whistle blew and the game started.  By now the ground was full of spectators who cheered loudly and clapped.  Both teams sweated it out from one end of the ground to the other, in the heat of the sun to score a goal.  It was not long enough when the college team scored a goal.  The score was now 1-0.  Soon it was half time.  During this time, the SACA MC members headed by our President, Mr. Parvez Aga, were introduced to both the teams and shook hands with each and every player.  The players were all in smiles, so also we SACA MC members.

Soon the second half of the match started.  The ex-students team tried hard to score a goal but luck I guess that afternoon was on the side of the college team.  Soon the whistle blew and the game was over.  The football team of St. Andrew’s College won the game 1-0.  No hard feelings or disappointment from the losing team. Instead, they wholeheartedly congratulated the College team for their dynamic win.  It was truly a game played in the right spirit – a spirit of friendship and a feeling of oneness!  After all, the bottom line is; we belong to one family, the ‘Andrean’ family.

At this junction, the SACA MC members would like to wholeheartedly thank the Principal, Dr. Marie Fernandes, for her tremendous support and trust in us.  Our thanks also goes out to the Rector, Fr. Aniceto Pereira who made his presence felt and came in to watch the game with us.  Last, but not the least, our sincere thanks to Coach Sydney for making this Football match happen.
Our ‘Hearty Congratulations’ to the Football Team of St. Andrew’s College. Well played guys! You deserve a big round of applause!

SACA Secretary:  Mrs. Coretta D’Souza
Prof. In Charge:  Mr. Kevin Miranda

Detailed Reports of Previous Alumni Meets