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Faculty in the (A&F) Department.

Bachelor Accounting and Finance


Activities for the academic year 2018-19

BAF Department report for the year 2018-19

The academic year started with a bang for the department. The TY students performed exceedingly well at the University Examination. An Orientation Programme was conducted for FYBAF Students (04th August, 2018) to discuss rules and regulations of college & examinations.

Library Orientation was conducted by Library Staff for FYBAF & TYBAF students on 20th & 21st August, 2018.

Guest Lecture on “Communication and Leadership” by CA Hrudyesh Pankhania conducted for FYBAF & SYBAF students (01st September, 2018).

Session on Chartered Wealth Manager Course by Mr. Aman Chawla conducted for all BAF students on 20th September, 2018.

Career Guidance Seminar by CAT King was conducted for TYBAF students on 27th September, 2018.

Session on “Resume Building” by CAT King was conducted for TYBAF students 05th October, 2018.

Session on “How to Prepare for Competitive Exams” by Prof. Mihir Bhoir conducted for SYBAF students on 12th October, 2018.

“Joy of Giving Week” was organized by BAF Department from (14 – 20 December, 2018) in association with DLLE Department. The students collected stationery, toys, food grains and personal care products to which whole college contributed generously.

FYBAF & SYBAF students visited Three Orphanages with the collection of Joy of Giving Week on 21st December, 2018.

Under the guidance of Prof. Savina Shenoy (22nd December, 2018) “Make it to Sell it”, marketing project was held for FYBAF students.


Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) by Pro.f Savina Shenoy conducted for SYBAF students on 14th January, 2019.

Capacity Building Workshop on “Research methodology” by Prof. Arunkumar Dubey conducted for TYBAF students on 15th January, 2019.

TYBAF students Visit to Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research on 18th February, 2019 to understand academic opportunities after graduation.

Activities for the academic year 2017-18

Date Topic Class Speaker
14th July, 2017 Organised Orientation programme for FYBAF students FYBAF  
06th August, 2017 “Make it to Sell it” as marketing project done by TYBAF students under the guidance of Prof. Savina Shenoy TYBAF Savina Shenoy
09th August, 217 Organised Career Guidance Lecture for TYBAF students On Personality Development towards Smart Goals and Career Management. TYBAF IBS
13th September, 2017 Organised session on “Grooming Skills” for SYBAF students. SYBAF Prof. Khorehmad Katrak
20th September, 2017 Guidance Lecture on “Effective Resume Building” was conducted for all BAF students All BAF Students Pratyush Patil
04th October, 2017 Guidance Lecture on “Teamwork & Leadership Skills in Corporate World” was conducted for all BAF students All BAF Students Mumbai Consulting Company
16th October, 2017 Guidance Lecture on “How to Prepare for University Exam” was conducted by Prof.Ritesh Sheth for TYBAF students. TYBAF Ritesh Sheth
15th – 21st December, 2017 “Joy of Giving Week” in association with “Yeh-Lo Santa” was organized by BAF department All BAF Students  
3rd & 4th February, 2018 Students attended ITCH Summit 218 at Sydenham College FYBAF  
12th February, 2018 Industrial Visit to Parle Factory Khapoli, is organised for all BAF students. All BAF Students  
15th February, 2018 Excelsior 2108 – The BAF Fest is organised by BAF department for the first time. All BAF Students  

Activities for the academic year 2016-17

  • Quiz organised on Brand Management, Logos, Brand Ambassadors and Mascots by Prof. Savina Shenoy – 9 September, 2016

  • Workshop conducted on “How to make Innovative Products” where in the T.Y.B.A.F class learnt how to make 10 different innovative products. Those products included Edible spoons, Artistic Quilled boxes and earrings, Air fresheners,  Dream catchers, Spoon Diyas, Mini key chains,  Artistic ear phone holders and Coasters, Various Accessories, etc. – 15 October, 2016

  • Exhibition for T.Y.B.A.F students in the subject of Principles of Management, where in students displayed various innovative products made by their respective groups and got an opportunity to sell their products to the consumers. They learnt the art of selling, analysed consumer buying behaviour, learnt various techniques of marketing and its direct impact of their sales. They tried managing their cost and learnt on how to recover their costs through new and recent trends in advertising. – 19 December, 2016

  • Organized an event called “The Joy of Giving Week” from 15 to 21 December 2016. The students collected stationary, toys, food grains, personal care products and cash to which the whole college contributed generously. The proceeds went to two orphanages, Sneha Sagar Ashram Vasai Taluka, Thane and Our Lady’s Home, Dadar on 22 December, 2016.

  • Industrial Visit to Lonavala (National Association of Blind & Maganlal foods) for all BAF students on 30 January, 2017.

Innovative coasters made by TYBAF students

Exhibition of innovative products by TYBAF students.

Workshop on How to make innovative products

Students leaving to visit the Orphanage

Donations collected for Joy of Giving Week




F.Y.B.Com(A&F) Sem I


Financial Accounting-Elements of Financial Accounting-Paper I


Cost Accounting-Introduction and Element of Cost-Paper I


Economics-Micro Economics- Paper I


Commerce- Business Environment-Paper-I


Accounting with Use of Accounting Software-Introductions and Application-Paper-I


Business Communication-Paper I


Foundation Course-Commercial Environment-Paper I

F.Y.B.Com(A&F) Sem II


Financial Accounting- Special Accounting Areas- Paper II


Auditing-Introduction and Planning-Paper-II


Financial Management-Introduction to Financial Management-Paper-II


Taxation-Indirect Taxes-Paper I


Business Law-Business Regulatory Framework-Paper I


Quantitative Methods for Business-Paper I


Business Communication-Application in Business-Paper-II

Theory : 70 marks + Internals : 25 marks = 100 marks

S.Y.B.Com(A&F) Sem III


Financial Accounting – Paper-III (Special Accounting Areas)


Cost Accounting – Paper-II (Methods of Costing)


Auditing- Paper II (Techniques of Auditing and Audit Procedures)


Economics-Paper II (Macro Economics)


Business Law-Paper II (Business Regulatory Framework)


Management Paper I (Introduction to Management)


Quantitative Methods for Business-Paper II

S.Y.B.Com(A&F) Sem IV


Financial Accounting Paper-IV (Special Accounting Areas)


Management Accounting Paper-I (Introduction to Management Accounting)


Taxation Paper-II (Indirect Taxes)


Commerce Paper-II (Financial Market Operations)


Business Law Paper-III (Company Law)


Information Technology Paper II (Applications in Business)


Foundation Course II (Value Education and Soft Skills)

T.Y.B.Com(A&F) Sem V

3.5.1 Financial Accounting – Paper – VI


Cost Accounting Paper-III


Financial Management- Paper II


Taxation Paper-III Direct Tax Paper I


Auditing Paper- III


Management Paper – II (Managemetn Applications)

T.Y.B.Com(A&F) Sem VI

3.6.1 Financial Accounting Paper – VI


Cost Accounting Paper – IV


Financial Management – Paper III


Taxation Paper – IV (Direct Tax- II)


Financial Accounting Paper – VII


Economics Paper – III Indian Economy

Syllabus F.Y.B.Com(A&F)
Syllabus S.Y B.Com(A&F)
Syllabus T.Y B.Com(A&F)

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