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Ladies Room

A private ladies room is available to the lady students of our college on the ground floor

Andrean Counselling Unit

Academic Year 2015-16
The Counseling Unit began the academic year 2015 – 16, with a regular orientation session that helped students in ‘Understanding What is Counseling?’ and the various aspects that the St Andrew’s Counseling Unit could help them out in. Over and above, each of the floors had a poster put-up to spread awareness about the existence of a Counselling Unit and the various issues that are dealt by the Counselling Unit.

The college counsellor was available for all six days of the week; from Monday to Saturday from 9:30am to 1:30pm.

Counseling Unit Services Offered (15 – 2016)
                                    Service Figure
Individuals (students and adults) availed of Counseling services 302+
Individuals availed of testing services 253
Follow-up sessions taken 300+

This unit has offered its services to about 302 individuals (students and adults) who have availed of counseling services and with more than 300+ follow-up session collectively. There has been a significant growth in the number of counselling services rendered in the last 3 years; from 37 individuals (in the year 2013-14) to 112 individuals (in the year 2014-15) to 302+ individuals (in the year 2015-16).
The various issues experienced by students and adolescents were – low self-esteem and confidence, academic issues, self-pity, behavioural issues, body image issues, domestic violence, bullying, discord in interpersonal relationship, incompetence, self destruction, depression, fear, unable to manage time, career confusion, negative thoughts, relationship issues, aggression and impulsive behaviour, inability to handle difficult emotions, substance abuse, and so on.
These issues were dealt using counseling techniques like anger management, reality therapy, test administration, cognitive behaviour therapy, client-centered therapy, Gestalt’s empty chair technique, challenging thoughts, assertiveness training, organizational skills – Time management, positive thinking, solution focused brief therapy, relaxation techniques and in group conflict situations, group counseling.
St Andrew’s College Counseling Unit has been reaching out to students in need of any help, be it academics, developmental or social; which means, providing assistance in area of need by “enriching life and making a difference” and in order to assist them to achieve personal and social growth and development.
Activities Done by Andrean Counselling Unit over and above the regular Counselling Services during the Academic Year 15-16
Guiding students / student groups for projects related to the field of psychology
The College Counsellor has been guiding students from various sections for their projects related to the field of psychology. Some of the project topics directed under the guidance of the College Counsellor are – anger, bullying, relationships, stress, etc. The focus of the guidance has always been to offer a bridge to independent learning for students.
By suggesting students to take their project to the next level, it develops their skills in critical thinking and they are able to express their own ideas. Students are then encouraged to shape these ideas into reality by transforming the project into something that is more society oriented.
One of the BMM group of students who covered the topic of bullying, got media coverage by Hindustan Times, 2nd March 2016 (HT Education Section).

YOUR VOICE – Staff Enrichment Initiative (360 Degree Feedback)
The initiative ‘YOUR VOICE’ was assigned to the Counselling Unit and was successfully handled by the College Counsellor. This new initiative as part of the Staff Performance Assessment began by introducing the 360 DEGREE FEEDBACK system. This system included the process of staff members receiving confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the staff member’s heads, peers, and students. An online portal was devised exclusively for this initiative that looked at the following aspects:-

Students Feedback of Faculty (TAQ)
Students from each of the sections were brought to the computer lab where they answered questions to each of their professors in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and filled in suggestions for each of their professors. The results of each of the staff members were then shared by the Principal in a confidential environment, together where certain goals were defined in order to cultivate the practice of progress in the next assessment, conducted in the following year.

Employee Job Satisfaction Survey
It is very important to understand the satisfaction levels of the staff working at St Andrew’s in order to influence positive work attitudes and work on building a positive work environment. Staff members were invited to fill an online assessment form about various aspects of the college which were then collected, compiled and reviewed:

  1. Personal Views
  2. Pay Received
  3. Staff Advancement
  4. Co-Workers and Team Building
  5. HOD / Coordinator / Superintendent
  6. Principal
  7. College
  8. Feedback Involving Students
  9. Overall Feedback

Peer Evaluation
The Peer Evaluation was conducted on staff members who gave an evaluation about each of their colleagues in terms of their ‘STRENGHTS’ and ‘WEAKNESS’. The Principal then discussed each of their compiled responses report respectively, in a confidential environment and helped the staff to use their strengths to overcome their weakness.

Andrean Counselling Unit Report – 2010-16
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