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St. Andrew’s College – Research Guides/ Staff with a Ph.D


Research Guides/Ph.D Faculty

Research Guides   Research Scholar
Name Year of Recognition   Name Year of Registration Title of Thesis Year of award of Ph.D

Dr. Marie Fernandes – Principal, Head of Dept of English.
All students are registered from the University of Mumbai Department of English

Dr. Graciella.

Tavares – Head of Department of Business Economics



Dr. Kashmira Modi – Department of Economics





























































1 Ahalya Samtaney 2004

Eve Unbound: The

Emerging Female Identity in a Globalized India


Abedi Mohammed


2007 Gothicism in Conrad and Dostoevsky 2013



2008 Animal Imagery: Myth and Folklore in Selected Poems of Ted Hughes 2012
4 Joseph Varghese 2010 The Image of the Catholic Priest in the Works of A.J. Cronin, G.K. Chesterton, Graham Greene and Colleen McCullough 2013
5 Asma Ladha  2010

Pop Goes High Art: Indian Writers and

Graphic Fiction

6 Rupa Deshmukhya   2008

Resurgence of the Female Voice in Chinua

Achebe’s Novels

7 June Furtado      2012

The Influences of Biblical

Verses on Everyday Thought and Expression Through Literature.




8 Romana Fernandes      2013 Agnosticism in Selected Novels of George Eliot and Thomas Hardy 2019
9 Deepna Rao      2013 Pearls in the Ocean: Representations of Goa in 21st Century Writings 2020
10 Ritu Jinghran       2014 The Evolution of Narratives of the Ramayana and Mahabharata in the Rendition of Sita and Draupadi Character
11 Priya Pawaskar       2015

Unveiling Evil: A Study of Select Literary Works from the Perspective of Jungian Analytical Psychology.


12 Sudhir Kakade      2016 Western Frame and the Indian Psyche: An Expressional Confluence in Selected Plays of Mahesh Elkunchwar
13 Vinita Mathew



Comic Relief : Life Narratives in the Graphic Form – New Perspectives  in Women’s Writing.


Dr. Graciella.

Tavares – Head of Department of Business Economics

Dr. Kashmira Modi – Department of Economics 2015


Staff with Ph.D



Name of Faculty Designation Department
1. Dr. Marie Fernandes Principal English
2. Dr. Susan Lobo Associate Professor English
3. Dr. Preeti Oza   Assistant Professor English
4. Dr. Amelia Correa Associate Professor Economics
5. Dr. Kashmira Mody Associate Professor Economics
6. Dr. Shirly K. Abraham Associate Professor Sociology
7. Dr. Vatika Sibal Associate Professor Sociology
8. Dr. Charmaine Braganza Associate Professor Commerce
9. Dr. Harmeet Haur Bhasin Associate Professor Commerce
10. Dr. Graciella Tavares Associate Professor Business Economics
11. Dr. Jyoti Bhatia Assistant Professor Accountancy
12. Dr. Priya Shahi Assistant Professor Mathematics
13. Dr. Sharon Gonsalves Durham Assistant Professor B.M.S.
14. Dr. Shirley Gladwin Assistant Professor B.Com B&I
15. Dr. Sujata Rajpurkar Assistant Professor Librarian
16. Dr. Madhu Rai Assistant Professor Psychology (retired September, 2019)
17. Dr. Desiree Gonsalves Associate Professor Commerce (retired September 2020)

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